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Tian Xia Prophecy

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Being a Prophet

Cost: A high concept as a prophet, such as Revered Prophet or Make the Dreams Stop! (this can be combined with the cost for TianXia Divination).

(It felt wrong to call this section "Learning Prophecy" like all the others, because you can't "learn" prophecy - it is thrust upon you.)

Improving Prophecy

  • Add the Powerful Prophet stunt, below.


A prophet has an unconscious connection to the spiritual world, revealing answers to questions unasked and hints to futures unsought. Prophecy is not a skill. It is handled as invocations and compels on the prophecy aspect.

To use prophecy for revelatory visions, the prophet prepays a fate point for a free invocation on the aspect and asks the GM to share a vision soon that reveals an important fact or mystery that proves useful during the session. "Visions" is a general term; prophecies can include one or more senses.

Example: Murmuring Moon is a Haunted Prophet who hears whispering ghosts reveal great secrets. Moon’s player, believing a coming royal wedding holds unknown danger or intrigue, spends a Fate point for a prophetic vision. Shortly before the wedding, the GM tells him he hears a whisper to "beware the red woman." Whether this means the bride, a woman whose name or profession invokes the color, or even that a female member of the Red Banner Brotherhood has infiltrated the event is unclear.

In addition, after the prophet has a vision they may use that free invocation normally, provided its use is related to the vision. The character may also create an advantage to add more invocations for use in this fashion, but the invocations must relate true meaning of the vision and must use a skill that logically allows for exploring or better understanding the prophecy, such as Notice or Investigate. The difficulty to create an advantage is usually equal to +4 minus the current Shentong Rank of an area.

Alternatively, the GM could compel the prophet to have a vision, at an inconvenient time; e.g., waking the prophet from sleep and give an aspect like Restless Night.

As with TianXia Divination, the prophecies are vague. The character may get a flash of someone aiming a bow at from the shadows but not the archer’s identity or purpose. They might not even be aiming at at the prophet but at an assassin creeping up behind the character.

Prophecy Stunt

Powerful Prophet: The prophet uses meditation or a similar trigger to focus their will to have a vision. Once per session, the prophet can summon a vision that answers a specific question. The character gets an aspect with two free invocations based on it (or possibly based on a related question that, unbeknownst to the prophet, is relevant). If the GM has no vision available on this topic, the prophet instead gains a fate point.

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