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MyGURPS - Tian Xia Divination

Tian Xia Divination

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Learning Divination

Cost: A divination-related high concept like Market Stall Seer (this can be combined with the cost for TianXia Prophecy). Lore at +1 or better.

Improving Divination

  • Raise Lore, per the usual rules.
  • Add the Master Diviner stunt, below.


Those who practice divination have a number of methods available. From reading the lines and movements of someone’s face to studying their palm there are numerous methods to determine a person’s future. Diviners spend years studying their art and most have specialized devices for divining. Some may even have unique methods they have refined or created.

Most popular methods involve studying the Four Pillars of Destiny surrounding a date or event. These pillars are the year, month, day, and hour of an event. The way they combine and interact with each other and the world at large gives a skilled diviner insight into a person’s future and destiny. Belief in the Four Pillars method is dominant in the empire, and many diviners consult regularly on matters of scheduling and event planning. No one wants to find they scheduled their wedding or feast for a day that invites calamity to the attendants!

Diviners use the Lore skill to forecast vague and often metaphorical aspects the GM declares. Examples include A Black Crane Brings Death or Treasure Hidden in the Fog. Divining almost always Creates an Advantage or Overcomes an obstacle - the diviner either creates advantageous insight into a future event or tries to solve a mystery.

Divination Stunt

Master Diviner: The seer has a genuine attunement to natural law, one that allows her to see more clearly into clouded and hidden things. This gives +2 to divining rolls, provided she spends several minutes communing with a specific ritual. This always requires something specific - a certain place, implement, time of day, activity, etc. On success with style, along with the additional free invocation, the GM might give a divination aspect that is more broadly applicable or less vague.

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