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Tian Xia

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There's a lot to love about TianXia (pronounced "tien-hsia"). It's like Qin: The Warring States but with more focus on drama and narrative, like Exalted without the need for spreadsheets, and like Fate Core but with a tactical aspect befitting a martial arts game. This quick-start wiki page helps players get started without having to read all of the books, though I do recommend reading at least Chapter 1 of the core book.

Note: A few stunts and techniques have been edited for clarity and/or balance. If this wiki and the books disagree on a rule, use the wiki version.

What Genre Is TianXia?

How this game draws from both wuxia and martial arts drama, along with the media that inspired the game.

TianXia Gazetteer

An overview of Shénzhōu (pronounced "shen-zhoo") and its people, to help you both understand the setting and flesh out your hero's background.

TianXia Character Basics

An important note on techniques, plus an overview of starting Refresh, valid skills, and useful stunts.

TianXia Kung Fu

In a wuxia setting like this, your character concept need not be "the fighter" to justify martial arts training. Shénzhōu is full of doctors, detectives, spies, courtesans, monks, and even beggars with potent kung fu abilities.

TianXia Mysticism

A wide variety of supernatural abilities, including alchemy, divination, exorcism, geomancy, prophecy, and sorcery. Can be combined with kung fu (and sometimes each other).

TianXia Jianghu Rank

A consolidated table covering how to determine your rank and what that means.

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