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Travelers On The Path

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This game uses the TianXia system, an expansion of Fate Core. It is a sporadic "pickup" game that we drop in whenever there's a hole in our roleplaying schedule. As such, I'm keeping the recaps and such a bit straightforward.

TOTP Characters

All characters in a single PDF

TOTP Workspace

A spot for the GM to share aspects, notes, etc.

Campaign Recap

Session 1

The foursome received a message from Master Lei asking for their help watching over a powerful dark artifact. They traveled to Red Jade Center (northwest of Bao) to learn that his martial-arts school had been burned down. The locals were paranoid and afraid, but the local master of the basket-weaver's guild, Lao, knew Ku Tan and introduced the PCs to Pan Tao (of the Lucky Badger Inn). He told the PCs that the town was run by the evil 12 Golden Butchers syndicate. They found Master Lei's body, buried by the locals along with the medallion from Butcher #9, Pearl Monkey (who he apparently defeated). They also found a scroll case, made of black metal, depicting demons and monsters fighting a dragon-led army.

Butcher #12, Brass Pig, showed up with some thugs to demand to know what they were doing; Yu lied, "We are here from the emperor," and a fight ensued which ended in #12's death. At the end, they realized that Butcher #11, Green Dog (a tween girl) was watching them from a distant rooftop; she seemed pleased by #12's death, asked if they were really here with the emperor (they said yes) and then flounced away.

Session 2

The heroes reassured the villagers that they'd be safe, as they were here from the emperor to take care of things. (The lie continued.) Pan Tao thanked them and gave them a room for the night, after answering questions about the Butchers. The next morning, they were awakened by Butcher #10 Red Rooster who bought them wine and pseudo-politely grilled them about why they were here and what they'd learned. He pushed Mi a bit too far and almost started a fight, but Liquin defused it, and #10 walked away learning nothing except for the "imperial" lie. Pan Tao voiced concern about fights in his inn, but agreed to put the PCs up for a bit as long as they didn't bring trouble into the inn.

The heroes unlocked the scroll box (with a LOT of effort) and Mi skimmed it, learning that it was the Record of the Devil General, a collection of demonic sutras written on human skin that allowed one to unlock great power if they could overcome the will of the scroll itself. Yu prophesied the Butchers returning to negotiate, so they gathered the villagers, inspired them to fight if necessary, and prepped the village with traps, exorcism charms, and basic weapon training. That night, Golden Rat and three other Butchers showed up; the leader politely introduced himself, complimented the PCs on their skill and resilience, and asked if they could sit down and come to an arrangement. The PCs agreed.

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