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MyGURPS - Savage Pathfinder Character Sketches

Savage Pathfinder Character Sketches

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This is a collection of character concepts, mainly combinations of Class and Prestige Edges that have a really good synergy. Feel free to use these; I'm sure I'm not the first to think of them.

Armored Assassin

Use Loremaster to grab Sneak Attack and you can use Swift Death in a straight-up "armed and armored" fight. As a plus, your fighter gets to be academically learned (like Roy from OOTS), which makes them more interesting.

  • Novice: Fighter
  • Seasoned: Loremaster, Deadly Blow
  • Veteran: Loremaster II (Sneak Attack), Assassin, Martial Flexibility (Imp), Assassin II
  • Heroic: Assassin III, Martial Prowess

Dragon Monk

Dragon-blooded sorcerer gives the monk both claws and 15 PP (instead of just 10) for their Mystic Powers. Actually casting spells will be difficult until you can raise Spellcasting, but it gives you access to ranged damage (bolt or blast, your choice) and the very useful damage field, both of which benefit from the +1 "dragon type" damage.

Both Eldritch Knight stuff and Holy Warrior are optional, but synergize amazingly with this build. You'll need a Vow for the latter.

  • Novice: Monk, Brawler
  • Seasoned: Mystic Powers (Monk), Sorcerer (Draconic), raise Spellcasting, Bruiser
  • Veteran: Great Ki, Eldritch Knight, Eldritch Knight II, Holy Warrior
  • Heroic: Advanced Bloodline, Eldritch Knight III, Wholeness of Body

Intuitive Theurge

Bard and Sorcerer are a fun combo, both Spirit-linked, and work well with Mystic Theurge. This build could flip the progression (Sorcerer > Bard > Theurge) but I like starting as Bard because you can wear armor at first instead of having to rely on Protection. (Try to acquire Bracers of Armor before multiclassing.) The Arcane sorcerous background is solid at first, but with Mystic Theurge III it becomes doubly good.

  • Novice: Bard, an attribute; either Humiliate, New Powers, and/or Power Points
  • Seasoned: Inspire Heroics, Sorcerer (Arcane/Arcane Bond), raise Spellcasting; either an attribute, New Powers, or Rabble-Rouser
  • Veteran: Mystic Theurge, Mystic Theurge II, Arcane Mastery; either Countersong or an unchosen option above
  • Heroic: Mystic Theurge III, Advanced Bloodline, Dirge of Doom; an unchosen option above
  • Legendary: Favored Powers (Sorcerer), more powers and skill


Sneak Attack works against even Vulnerable characters, so Taunt can be a powerful tool. But add Provoke and Counterattack while making yourself nigh-impossible to hit (up to +8 Parry and -4 vs ranged), and you've got a pretty wild build. Against a single tough foe, use Taunt + Sneak Attack; against groups, just Defend! Anything with a * is optional, especially since this is probably too narrow a niche for any PC (but can make for a frustratingly effective NPC).

Swap some * options for Trademark Weapon (and Improved) for even crazier Parry, if there's a specific weapon you can live with always using. And add Deflection and a good shield, obviously.

  • Novice: Rogue, Humiliate, Provoke, First Strike*
  • Seasoned: Counterattack, Dodge, Duelist, Rabble-Rouser
  • Veteran: Block, Improved Counterattack, Duelist II, Duelist III
  • Heroic: Improved Block, Uncanny Reflexes*, Opportunist*, Improved First Strike*
  • Legendary: Improved Dodge*

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