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MyGURPS - Intuitive Theurge (Dad Bard)

Intuitive Theurge (Dad Bard)

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This page is my scratchpad for the "Intuitive Theurge" character I'm building. I don't mind you reading it, but it isn't for you.


RACE: Gnome

  • Vigor d6 (+5 attribute points)
  • Notice d6, any Smarts-linked d4 (+12 skill points)
  • Pace 5, Run d4
  • Size -1
  • +1 PP, Cantrips for beast friend, light, sound, telekinesis
  • Low Light Vision
  • Languages = Smarts/2 + 1, in this order: Common, Gnome, Sylvan, Elven, Dwarven

Intuitive Theurge

  • Novice: Bard, an attribute; either Humiliate, New Powers, and/or Power Points
  • Seasoned: Inspire Heroics, Sorcerer (Arcane/Arcane Bond), raise Spellcasting; either an attribute, New Powers, or Rabble-Rouser
  • Veteran: Mystic Theurge, Mystic Theurge II, Arcane Mastery; either Countersong or an unchosen option above
  • Heroic: Mystic Theurge III, Advanced Bloodline, Dirge of Doom; an unchosen option above
  • Legendary: Favored Powers (Sorcerer), more powers and skill

Bard Powers

  • Novice: arcane protection, beast friend, boost/lower Trait, confusion, conjure item, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, empathy, fear, healing, illusion, mind link, mind reading, sound/silence, speak language, stun, summon ally.
  • Seasoned: divination, object reading, sloth/speed, slumber, teleport, warrior’s gift.
  • Veteran: banish, drain Power Points, puppet.

Sorcerer Powers

  • Novice: arcane protection, beast friend, blind, bolt, boost/lower Trait, burrow, burst, confusion, conjure item, darksight, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, elemental manipulation, empathy, entangle, environmental protection, fear, havoc, illusion, light/darkness, locate, mind link, mind reading, protection, shape change, smite, sound/silence, speak language, stun, summon ally, wall walker.
  • Seasoned: barrier, blast, curse, damage field, disguise, divination, farsight, growth/shrink, invisibility, object reading, scrying, sloth/speed, slumber, telekinesis, teleport, warrior’s gift.
  • Veteran: baleful polymorph, banish, drain Power Points, fly, intangibility, mind wipe, planar binding, plane shift, puppet, zombie.
  • Heroic: time stop.
  • Legendary: wish.

Character Creation

Garrick Luminary, 90 years old (middle age), a gnome bard who subconsciously puts himself in a fatherly role of those around him — offering advice on how they can improve themselves and their situation, trying to deescalate situations, etc. Sample quote: "Now hold on there, buster. I get that a sweltering day like this is enough to make anyone wanna draw steel, but why don't we sit down over some lemonade instead and work this out like adults?" His taunts tend to take a "you should be ashamed of your behavior" approach.


  • Agility d6 (1)
  • Smarts d4
  • Spirit d12 (4)
  • Strength d4
  • Vigor d8 (1)


  • *Athletics d6 (1)
  • *Common Knowledge d4
  • Fighting d6 (2)
  • *Gambling d4
  • *Notice d6
  • Performance d12 (5)
  • *Persuasion d8 (2)
  • Psychology d4 (1)
  • *Stealth d6 (1)

Languages: Common, Gnome, Sylvan


  • Heroic
  • Mild Mannered
  • Quirk (Acts like everyone's dad)
  • Used for +1 attribute, +1 Edge


  • Bard (11 PP, 3 powers, Light armor, Performance = Taunt)
  • New Powers

Bard Powers

  • Boost/Lower Trait
  • Conjure Item
  • Healing
  • Illusion
  • Stun
  • plus cantrips (only) for beast friend, light, sound, telekinesis


  • $300 starting funds. Load 20, Max 80
  • Masterwork Leather Tunic (Armor +2, torso/arms, $170, 11#)
  • Rapier (Str+d4, Parry +1, $20, 2#)
  • Sling x2 (4/8/6, Str+d4, $0, 2#)
  • Sling Stones x20 ($0.20, 1#)
  • Lute ($5, 3#)
  • Total 19 lbs. Remaining cash: $104.80 (104 gp, 8 sp)


All subject to change as the game goes on, obviously.

  • N: New Powers (Deflection & Empathy)
  • N: Power Points
  • N: Humiliate
  • S: Inspire Heroics
  • S: Sorcerer (Arcane/Arcane Bond, +5 PP, Spellcasting d4)
    • Powers: Blast (sonic), Protection
  • S: Spellcasting d8
  • S: Rabble-Rouser
  • V: Mystic Theurge
  • V: Spellcasting d12
  • V: Mystic Theurge II
  • V: Arcane Mastery
  • H: Mystic Theurge III
  • H: Advanced Bloodline
  • H: Channeling
  • H: Power Points
  • L: New Powers (Sorcerer; Baleful Polymorph & Time Stop)
  • L: Countersong
  • L: Dirge of Doom
  • L: New Powers (Sorcerer; Fly & Wish)

This meme came out after I built Garrick, but it's too appropriate not to link here:

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