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Houses Of Dorne

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Full Map of Dorne

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Map of the Stormlands

Because it's likely to come up . . .

Dorne Near House Brax

All of the Houses shown (except for House Toland, of course) are minor, invented for the game, and explained below. For the players' House, see House Brax of Seahaven. Aside from Binders Road (the thick one), which heads down toward Sunspear and Plankytown, all other roads are nameless and local.

House Toland of Ghost Hill

  • Known For: Defensive holdings and courtly intrigue. A major banner house, to House Martell.
  • Geography: Spread throughout the Nymerian Mountains. Its seat is a keep surrounded by a city. The towers on the map are Trovion Hall (west) and Kell Tower (east).
  • Head: Lady Nymella Toland. Other family includes Lord Corbus Toland (husband), Valena Toland (heir), and Teora Toland (daughter).

House Nassan of Mercator

  • Known For: Fisheries, whalers, and oil processing. Banner to House Toland.
  • Geography: An area full of quicksand, requiring circuitous routes. Its seat is a small city right on the beach. The tower on the map is Dustmouth, a sprawling city run by Ser Yves Fenmarc.
  • Head: Lord Dorrick Nassan.

House Cale of Kepegest

  • Known For: Trading, politics, and orchards. Banner to House Toland.
  • Geography: Foothills fading into plains, at the intersection of several roads and holdings. Its seat (which is a tower on the map for space reasons only) is an opulent, well-defended hall surrounded by settlements and tent cities.
  • Head: Lady Melarie Cale.

House Farwynde of Tidewall

  • Known For: Its navy and defense. A very powerful minor house. Banner to House Martell.
  • Geography: Situated on the eastern cliffs of the First Break. Its seat is a castle with path leading down to the bay. The towers on the map are Cragscar Keep (west) and Bonewharf Castle (east).
  • Head: Lady Ilyana Farwynde.

House Itarin of Hamberow

  • Known For: Horse breeding and a militia-trained populace. A powerful minor house. Banner to House Martell.
  • Geography: Wide open, hardened earth plains. Its seat is a small castle with an empty moat. Most of its people live in small settlements rather than large towns.
  • Head: Lord Braedon Itarin.

House Etris of Hansard

  • Known For: Armorers, fletchers, and weaponsmiths. A powerful minor house. Banner to House Martell.
  • Geography: Rolling western plains giving way to eastern woods. Its seat, a castle far from settlements, is off the map. The tower on the map is Wildglen Keep.
  • Head: Lord Aldo Etris.

Farther Houses

Not all of these are in Dorne. This will be expanded as House Brax interacts with others.

House Grandison of Grandview (Stormlands)

  • Known For: Martial talent and agriculture. A major banner house, to House Baratheon (Renly).
  • Geography: Poised at the head of a river which flows from deep in the Stormlands, surrounded by plains and woods.
  • Head: Lord Auster Grandison. He has sworn vengeance on Cyrus the Blood-Priced, who fatally wounded his older brother, Lord Chandren Grandison, at the Battle of the Trident. He is responsible for the death of Anicia Brax.

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