House Brax Of Seahaven

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  • Motto: "Salt and Iron"
  • Coat of Arms: A gold impaled man on a navy background
  • House Head: Lady Kitzia Brax ("kit-ZY-ah")
  • Liege: Lady Nymella Toland, House Toland of Ghost Hill


Roughly three and a half centuries ago, three Tyroshi mercenary companies set out after a failed attempt to overthrow their home city. Traveling through the Stepstones, island by island, they found no succor until they arrived in Westeros at one of the edges of The Broken Arm. Seizing a small, poorly defended port, the mercenaries celebrated much of the night until one of the company's leaders, a man named Cyrus Brax, leapt from his chair and stabbed the other two company officers to death with a stowed-away sword.

Cyrus then led the rest of his waiting men into an ambush of the other two companies. They being drunk and unaware, Cyrus’s men captured the vast majority of them alive. Cyrus gave them two options: acknowledge him as ruler or die. Most took the first but those that did not soon regretted their choice.

Using 12' stakes harvested from the nearby forest, Cyrus had each recalcitrant person impaled alive atop the wood and left to bake in the Dornish sun along the perimeter of the town. When the Dornish armies arrived a few days later, to deal with these outsiders upon their land, Cyrus greeted them as though they were welcome guests. The leadership, horrified and befuddled by the behavior, retreated fearing a trap.

It was not until a year had passed that Cyrus, and his "new" domain of Seahaven, requested to be welcome into Dornish principality. Some say Brax was only accepted of fear of what he may do if he wasn’t.

Since that day, House Brax has served as loyal bannermen to the Toland family — though their reputation for strange habits and cruelty has never left them. They have since become more ingrained in the local economy, with the port of Bloodstone serving as a welcome source for goods from far-off lands. Its location has also made it ideal for basing naval forces, whether fighting off Eastern raids or providing a buffer against Westerosi civil wars.


Player characters' names (underlined) are the links to their character sheet.


  • Lady Kitzia Brax ("kit-ZY-ah"), 52. Head of the House. As the eldest child she inherited the position upon her father's death. She began a relationship with Maester Nazir (bearing him Rhya) before marrying Lord Duran, at which point the three of them had an open polyamorous relationship -- a triad, but free to see other partners. With the death of Lord Duran, her main relationship remains with Nazir. Though capable of great warmth and love, she has a cold and practical side, and is willing to dismiss even close friends if necessary for the House good. (pic)
  • Lord Duran Brax (deceased). Originally third son of House Toland, married into House Brax and gave Kitzia two children before dying defending King's Landing from the Usurper with Cyrus. He and Cyrus were in King's Landing when the Usurper attacked at the Trident, and they defended the crown to their last ship, and at the cost of Duran's life.
  • Anicia Brax (deceased). The middle child and mother to Eyla, she was the stateswoman of the House and traveled around Westeros negotiating politics. Lured into an ambush by House Grandison (posting as House Mertyns), Anicia and Elya were taken hostage; Anicia was shot to death by archers while attempting escape.
  • Cyrus the Blood-Priced, 34. Kitzia and Anicia's little brother, granted the cadet house Brax-Scorned which is currently unlanded. Master-at-arms of House Brax and commander of its forces. He fatally wounded Hugh Grandison at the Trident, earning his brother as a nemesis (see Houses of Dorne, scroll down). After the loss of the House fleet at the Trident, he made up for it later during the Greyjoy Rebellion, when he baited and took four of their boats with just one of his own (see Kraken's Bane below). (pic 1) (pic 2)
  • Tagoes Brax, 19. First-born son and heir to House Brax. Acknowledging the boy's natural prowess, Maester Nazir talked Kitzia into sending a 7-year-old Tagoes to Braavos to train at swordsmanship. (That this reduced the boy's role in House affairs, helping Nazir demonstrate his own value, was a bonus.) At 14, he returned, ready to bring honor and glory to his House, though still deeply in need of more social and cerebral training.
  • Lucas Brax, 17. Second-born son of House Brax. Born deformed, missing most of his left leg, Lucas has a chip on his shoulder, declaring that gods who would make a boy both second-born and a cripple are wicked gods indeed. Jealous of Tagoes, he has tried to prove himself a more capable potential Lord (learning stewardship, statecraft, etc.), perhaps in the subconscious hope that the gods will see their mistake and rectify it.
  • Eyla Brax, 16. Niece to Lady Kitzia, who despite her youth takes point on many House negotiations and politics. She escaped her kidnapping by House Grandison, though her mother Anicia did not. Now she wants to not only take up the role her mother had, but prove that she deserved to live by exceeding her mother in all things.


  • Maester Nazir, 48. Originally of House Blackmont, entered service with House Brax immediately upon exiting the Citadel and began an illicit relationship with Lady Kitzia Brax. His current position is a nebulous blend of maester, steward, and consort. Nazir is as comfortable in a seedy bar or on a hunt as in a study room, and is an authority on poisons (strictly to treat them, of course) - knowledge he has been passing on to his daughter, Rhya.
  • Rhyla Sands, 21. Master of Ravens for House Brax and bastard daughter of Lady Brax and Maester Nazir (born shortly before the Brax/Toland wedding). Her father acknowledges her; her mother cannot, but it's a rather open secret. Known locally as "the Sea Witch," she is an adherent of Mother Rhoyne, the faith of her (paternal) ancestors back in Essos. While most people are scared of her, local women often come to her for help.
  • Ser Trovion the Penitent, 33. Eyla's father, formerly Trovion Brax, but the death of his wife Anicia hit him hard. He blamed himself and now seeks absolution for whatever sins he carried that invited this tragedy. Ser Trovion has renounced his nobility and now considers himself a hedge knight, with allegiance to House Brax but truly sworn to the Seven.
  • Croll, 25. A Braavosi warrior who befriended Tagoes on the other side of the sea and followed him back to Westeros. A massive man with a massive thirst for drink, hot temper, and no luck with the ladies. Lady Brax and Nazir are (incorrectly) certain that Tagoes and Croll are secretly lovers; why else would he come all this way?
  • Rodrik Pyke, 14. A skilled archer despite his relative youth, originally from the Iron Islands but currently in Dorne. He made his living as a mercenary and assassin — though one who'd draw the line at targets who've harmed no one (in his eye). When House Brax needed support fighting bandits in Nassan's duchy, they hired him on.



A modest keep to the east of Ghost Hill, nestled in the foothills of the Nymerian Mountains. The area around it is lightly peppered with palm and mangrove trees, which thrive near salt water, that provide a ready source of wood and food. The former is part of what allows for their thriving timber industry, most of which goes toward the Bloodstone shipyards via Binders Road (while House Brax keeps an eye on the traffic flowing from there back to Dorne). The keep is defended by House Brax's personal guard, and is somewhat known for its herbal greenhouses, an epic achievement of glassblowing.

  • Defense: Hall/Keep
  • Lands: Hills w/Light Woods, Road
  • Wealth: Greenhouse (Herbal), Maester, Standard of Living (Comfortable), Timber (w/Lumber Mill, Ship Yards in port)

Bloodstone Port

Small but busy, this port town sees most of its traffic from those wishing to avoid Plankytown or one of the other major ports — as often for legitimate reasons as not. In particular, trader vessels damaged by pirates often choose Bloodstone to take advantage of their shipyards and drydocks. For those looking to offer their wares, Binders Road gives access to the rest of Dorne. The port is well-defended, with a company of archers in the strong stone tower which oversees the port, a garrison within the town proper, and five warships in the harbor (whose raiders spend most of their downtime in town). Though the vegetation here is sparse by Northern standards, a well-trained eye can find much to survive on, from the cacti and underground vines to the animals which feed on them.

  • Defense: Tower
  • Lands: Plains w/Coast, Grasslands, Road
  • Population: Small Town
  • Wealth: Port (with Drydocks), Ship Yards (for Timber)

House Perks and Resources

  • +d6 to House Fortunes rolls* (total +d6+5 if Nazir rolls)
    • See p. 122 for the roll, p. 212 for results.
  • +1 to Wealth resource gain [Lumber Mill]
  • -2 to cost of Ships and Artisan (Shipwright) [Ship Yards]
  • Ships ignore up to -2 in penalties for Units & Casualties (Warfare Step 11) [Drydocks]
  • +1 to Intrigue defense [Standard of Living]
  • +1B to Endurance when rolling to recover at home [Standard of Living]
  • +1B to Healing when treating injury or ailment at home [Greenhouse]
  • Can acquire items costing less than 1 gd using House stipend [Standard of Living]
* Law -2, Maester +3, Port +2, Timber +1

Glory: 3


Each unit is 100 men; naval units comprise 5 warships.

  • Seahaven: +1B to attack with the high ground. Woods give +2 Cover. Hall holds 2 units, +4 defense.
  • Bloodstone: Town gives +1 Cover. Tower holds 1 unit, +3 defense.

Castle Archers — Seahaven (in hall)

  • Unit Type: Trained Archers (cost 6)
  • Discipline: Challenging (9)
  • Movement: 40 yards (Bulk 0)
  • Improved Abilities: Agility 3, Awareness 3, Marksmanship 3
  • Fighting Damage: 1
  • Marksmanship Damage: 5 (Long Range)
  • Defense: 7
  • Armor Rating: 2 (AP -1)
  • Health: 6

Impalers (House Guard) — Seahaven (in hall)

  • Unit Type: Trained Personal Guard (cost 9)
  • Discipline: Automatic (0)
  • Movement: 20 yards (Bulk 2)
  • Improved Abilities: Athletics 3, Fighting 4
  • Fighting Damage: 4
  • Marksmanship Damage: N/A
  • Defense: 4 (w/shields)
  • Armor Rating: 6 (AP -3)
  • Health: 6

Kraken's Bane — Bloodstone Port (in harbor)

  • Unit Type: Veteran Warships (cost 10/12)
  • Discipline: Easy (3)
  • Movement: 60 yards
  • Improved Abilities: Awareness 4, Fighting 4, Marksmanship 3
  • Fighting Damage: 3
  • Marksmanship Damage: 3 (Long Range)
  • Defense: 8
  • Armor Rating: 5
  • Health: 6

Port Archers — Bloodstone Port (in tower)

  • Unit Type: Trained Archers (cost 6)
  • Discipline: Challenging (9)
  • Movement: 40 yards (Bulk 0)
  • Improved Abilities: Agility 3, Awareness 3, Marksmanship 3
  • Fighting Damage: 1
  • Marksmanship Damage: 5 (Long Range)
  • Defense: 7
  • Armor Rating: 2 (AP -1)
  • Health: 6

Salt Reavers — Bloodstone Port (on ships or in town)

  • Unit Type: Trained Raiders (cost 6)
  • Discipline: Challenging (9)
  • Movement: 40 yards (Bulk 0)
  • Improved Abilities: Agility 4, Fighting 3
  • Fighting Damage: 3
  • Marksmanship Damage: N/A
  • Defense: 7
  • Armor Rating: 2 (AP -1)
  • Health: 6

Town Guard — Bloodstone Port (in town)

  • Unit Type: Trained Garrison (cost 5)
  • Discipline: Easy (3) at home, Challenging (9) elsewhere
  • Movement: 40 yards (Bulk 0)
  • Improved Abilities: Endurance 4, Fighting 3
  • Fighting Damage: 3
  • Marksmanship Damage: N/A
  • Defense: 4
  • Armor Rating: 3 (AP -2)
  • Health: 12

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