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MyGURPS - Civ 6 Religious Victory

Civ 6 Religious Victory

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Achieving a Religious Victory requires a single goal: In every civ, your religion must be followed by the majority of their cities. It doesn't directly matter how many people follow the religion, which means that later in the game it's often easier to convert a civ's smallest cities.


Government Types

  • Tier 1: Autocracy helps build Wonders (though Classical Republic can be useful when you're between Wonders).
  • Tier 2: Theocracy, obviously.
  • Tier 3: It may be worth keeping Theocracy! Though Democracy has a great selection of policy slots if you're rolling in Faith.
  • Tier 4: At this point, a Religious Victory is all but doomed. Switch tactics and government type.

Plaza Buildings:

  • Tier 1: Ancestral Hall is good if you get it early on, otherwise Audience Chamber is a viable alternative.
  • Tier 2: Grand Master's Chapel (so you can skimp on the military safely unless needed).
  • Tier 3: National History Museum (just so you have a place for Great Works without building up Theater Squares).


Get Moksha into a city with a Mosque as quickly as possible! Then promote him in the order shown below. Once he has Patron Saint, buy all Apostles only in that city.

  • Grand Inquisitor
  • Citadel of God
  • Patron Saint
  • Divine Architect


This is going to vary by civ and situation. In general, prioritize anything that gives Faith.

Arguably the best universal choice is Monument to the Gods, if you can combo it with the Divine Inspiration and Sacred Places beliefs. Ideally, you'll take this, add Corvee (later Gothic Architecture), and build a few Ancient and Classica wonders in different cities.

Religious Beliefs

You must choose a Follower belief, and then a second from any category (get Mosques first if available, Holy Order if not). Buy Apostles relatively quickly to add the remaining two options. Where multiple options are listed, these are in descending order from best to acceptable.


  • Divine Inspiration (Wonders provide Faith)
  • Reliquaries (only if playing with Secret Societies and/or Heroes)
  • A tie between Feed the World (Food and Housing) and Choral Music (early Culture), depending on your situation


  • Mosques (extra unit charge)
  • Synagogue (extra Faith)
  • Dar-e Mehr (potentially more Faith than Synagogues, but only if the game drags on which we're hoping to avoid)


  • Holy Order (cheaper units)
  • Scripture (you can convert their largest city, then let it convert those around it)
  • Missionary Zeal (fast units)
  • Itinerate Preachers (meh)


  • Pilgrimage (extra Faith)
  • Sacred Places (but only if you're building a Wonders in each of your cities)
  • Papal Primacy (easy City-State conversion)
  • Lay Ministry (some extra Faith and Culture)


Going for a Wonder rush (see Pantheon, above) can produce a ton of faith later with the right beliefs. These are the best ones, sorted by era. To combo with the Sacred Places belief, try to build a Wonder in each city.


  • Great Bath (Pottery, on Floodplains): Extra Faith and protection, but only if you have Floodplains
  • Oracle (Mysticism, on Hills): Makes Faith more potent when grabbing Great People
  • Stonehenge (Astrology, flat land next to Stone): Can rush this to get a religion, then build a Holy Site later for extra Faith
  • Low Production Cost: Hanging Gardens (Irrigation, by River), Temple of Artemis (Archery, by Camp), Pyramids (Masonry, flat Desert)


  • Apadana (Political Philosophy, by Capital): If religious City-States are in the game, this can secure them
  • Jebel Barker (Iron Working, Desert Hills): Build in a central city for +4 Faith to every city within 6 tiles
  • Mahabodhi Temple (Theology, Woods next to Holy Site with Temple): Two free Apostles
  • Low Production Cost: Great Lighthouse (Celestial Navigation, Coast by Harbor with Lighthouse)
  • Honorable Mention: Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Defensive Tactics, Coastal by Harbor)


  • Hagia Sophia (Buttress, flat land by Holy Site): Extra unit charge and Faith!
  • Kotoku-In (Divine Right, by Holy Site with Temple): Build in your most faithful city for a +20% boost
  • Meenakshi Temple (Civil Service, by Holy Site): Gurus become cheap and amazing support units for theological combat!
  • Honorable Mention: Ankor Wat (Medieval Faires, by Aqueduct), Mont St. Michel (Divine Right, Floodplains/Marsh), University of Sankore (Education, Desert by Campus with University)


  • Honorable Mention: Potala Palace (Astronomy, Hill by Mountain)

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