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MyGURPS - Civilization


Civilization is a video game that plays like a board game. It's complex, rich, and wonderful. Make sure you're playing 6th Edition with the Gathering Storm pack. These are some resources/guides that I'm working on, along with other helpful references.

Note: Everything on this page assumes you're playing with Gathering Storm. If you aren't, you should fix that; it's arguably the only "full" Civ experience.

Errata: The Replaceable Parts eureka is actually "Have 3 Line Infantry." For Siege Tactics, it's "Have 2 Trebuchets."

Civ 6 Appeal

A quick reference for maximizing and gauging Appeal

Civ 6 Diplomatic Victory

An in-depth, step-by-step guide

Civ 6 Relic Cultural Victory

A simple guide for turning Relics into Tourism

Civ 6 Religious Victory

A simple guide, useful as a quick reference

Specific Civilizations

Cheat-sheets and tips listed by civ