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BAE Attributes, Skills, and Hindrances

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Any page reference refers to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.


These start at a d4 for free, and characters have five points with which to raise them.

  • Agility: Nimbleness, dexterity, and overall physical coordination of muscles and reflexes.
  • Smarts: Raw intellect, perception, and ability to sort and make use of complex information.
  • Spirit: Inner strength and willpower.
  • Strength: Raw muscle, affecting melee damage and encumbrance*
  • Vigor: Endurance, health, and constitution
* Carry weight is (Strength die type - 2) × 10 lbs. Note that Savage Borderlands assumes that encumbrance (Savage Worlds, p. 67) will be a limiter on a character's weapon pool. If the GM chooses not to enforce encumbrance, they'll need to add some other sort of carry limit.


Vault Hunters have 12 points to spend on the following skills. A * marks a core skill (starts at d4 for free); remember that CL4P-TPs have Hacking as a core skill instead of Persuasion. Those with a are arcane skills, useless unless you have the appropriate Arcane Background.

  • Academics (Smarts): Knowledge of social sciences and esoterica like Sirens and Vaults.
  • * Athletics (Agility): Climbing, jumping, balancing, wrestling, and tossing grenades and thrown weapons.
  • Battle (Smarts): Strategy, tactics, and assessing weapon quality (which can also use Repair).
  • * Common Knowledge (Smarts): General knowledge of the setting, such as corporations, gangs, planets, etc.
  • Driving (Agility): In this setting, covers all vehicular use due to universally similar control schemes.
  • Fighting (Agility): Skill in armed and unarmed combat.
  • Focus (Spirit): Activating and maintaining your Siren powers (see BAE Sirens).
  • Gambling (Smarts): Skill and familiarity with games of chance.
  • Hacking (Smarts): Using, designing, and breaking into both computer hardware and software.
  • Healing (Smarts): Medical and forensic knowledge, and being able to revive others from FFYL.
  • Intimidation (Spirit): A character’s ability to threaten others into doing what she wants.
  • * Notice (Smarts): General awareness and perception.
  • Performance (Spirit):' Singing, dancing, acting, or other forms of public expression.
  • * Persuasion (Spirit): The ability to convince others to do what you want.
  • Psychology (Smarts): Discerning motives and uncovering lies.
  • Repair (Smarts): Fixing mechanical and electrical gadgets, knowledge about robots and weapons.
  • Riding (Agility): A character’s skill in mounting, controlling, and riding a tamed beast.
  • Science (Smarts): Hard science (biology, geology, etc.) and weird pseudoscience (Eridium, Siren powers, etc.).
  • Shooting (Agility): Precision with any type of ranged weapon.
  • * Stealth (Agility): The ability to sneak and hide.
  • Survival (Smarts): How to find food, water, or shelter, and tracking, plus general knowledge about creatures.
  • Taunt (Smarts): Insulting or belittling another. Almost always done as a Test (page 108).
  • Thievery (Agility): Sleight of hand, pickpocketing, lockpicking, and other typically shady feats.
  • Weird Science (Smarts): For activating your empowered gadgets, not a scientific knowledge skill.

"Missing" Skills

These skills were left out intentionally. If you're looking for where they went . . .

  • Boating and Piloting are folded into Driving.
  • Faith, Psionics, and Spellcasting don't exist.
  • Electronics falls under Science for things like sensors and lab gear, Hacking otherwise.
  • Language isn't necessary in this setting. Translation software is ubiquitous.
  • Occult falls under Academics for general questions, or Science for applied pseudophysics.
  • Research is folded into Academics. In fact, that's a rule from Savage Pathfinder you should always use. It's a good one.


Poverty is not available. You may take Delusional, Outsider, and Quirk, but this is a weird world, so something that might count as a Quirk in most settings may just be flavor in this one!

Psycho (New; Major)

Let's face it, this is basically a post-apocalyptic setting without the actual apocalypse. Monsters roam everywhere, society is a joke. corporations are experimenting on people . . . it's enough to drive a person stark raving mad. But what really creates a psycho isn't just societal issues; it's the weird chemicals and radiation which literally alters the blood chemistry of those forced to live out in the badlands.

Psychos are completely unsocialized and eccentric, giving -2 on all Persuasion and Psychology rolls. (Yes, including those to figure out other psychos!) In a tense situation (infiltration, negotiation, etc.) the character must make a Spirit roll; failure means you choose the most violent, immediate option possible to solve things.

On the bright side, this Hindrance grants access to special Psycho Edges (BAE Edges).

Watch Me Fall! (New; Minor)

Only a CL4P-TP character can take this. You have -2 on all Athletic rolls involving climbing. Worse, anything other than a simple ramp requires such a check — even stairs! Your friends should be prepared to make plenty of Support rolls.

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