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BAE Edges

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Any page reference refers to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. Edges with a dagger (†) are imported from other settings, such as Deadlands or Savage Rifts.

Humans receive one free Edge. Robot PCs do not, though they have access to certain Edges that no one else does. All may start with additional Edges (or Attributes) by taking Hindrances, as usual.

Existing Edges

These Edges are not available: Aristocrat, Beast Bond, Champion, Fast Healer, Linguist, and Rich/Filthy Rich.

The following Edges have been changed or restricted in some way:

Arcane Background

Sirens are built as Gifted; see BAE Sirens for full rules.

Weird Scientists exist but currently have no detailed rules; the GM and player will need to work together to decide which powers are available (and if they need to be modified to fit the setting). Where the Siren version of a power differs from a core book power with the same name (e.g., Deflection, Healing, Protection), use the Siren version.

No other Arcane Backgrounds exist.

Beast Master

Replace the text with the following:

You have an animal companion; choose from a tadpole thresher, a brat bullymong, a rakk (without the Unshakable ability!), a spring stalker, an adult varkid (without the Evolution ability!), an adult skag, or a spiderant soldier. The beast is an Extra, but you may spend your own Bennies on its behalf. It Advances once for every two full Advances you receive (retroactively, if this Edge is added later in your career).

Just like PCs, pets go into FFYL when Incapacitated and can be resurrected at a New-U station if they die.

This Edge may be taken more than once, adding one of the following benefits:

  • Gain an additional pet.
  • Let one pet take an immediate additional Advance.
  • (Seasoned PCs only) Increase the maximum Size that one pet can be, to a maximum of what it can normally attain in the setting. Your pet immediately gains +1 Size (which includes +1 Toughness) and its Strength increases by a die type. This can be taken once per (your) Rank at most.
  • (Seasoned PCs only) Make your pet more survivable. At Seasoned, the pet is Resilient. At Veteran, it is Very Resilient. And at Heroic it becomes a full Wild Card (for all purposes, not just Wounds).

You can purchase a shield for your animal companion from a weapon vendor. It must be bought special for the animal; you cannot just strap one of yours onto it. Animal shields cost an extra +1 LP; if the animal is larger than Size 0, also add a Loot Point surcharge equal to Size. (For example, a shield for a Size +1 bullymong would cost 2 LP if white, or 3 LP if non-white and randomized.)


As an action, you make attempt to succeed at a Smarts roll to go voluntarily berserk. See also Wild Berserker below.

Fame and Famous

Rather than earning extra money from performing, this Edge gives you the perks that come with a high-class lifestyle. In addition to the conditional Persuasion bonus, Fame gives you unlimited Catch-a-Ride access (still limited to one vehicle at a time), and Famous reduces your resurrection cost at a New-U to 2 LP (regardless of who's paying it). See BAE LP, Loot, and Ammo for details.

(In a BAE game, these Edges basically replace Aristocrat, Rich, and Filthy Rich. Be sure to explain why you're well-known, so the GM can gauge who would and wouldn't know you.)

Followers and Sidekick

These NPCs Advance once for every two of your Advances (after acquiring them). This isn't retroactive because it's assumed that the GM will build them as appropriately experienced characters already.

Improvisational Fighter

In addition to ignoring the -2 to pistol-whip or butt-stroke with your guns, you ignore all Fighting and Parry penalties inherent to even non-improvised melee weapons.

Leadership Edges (all)

The concept of a "command radius" doesn't fit a game with EchoNet communication. Thus, Leadership Edges apply to any teammate who (A) accepts you as their field commander, (B) you are in constant contact with, and (C) you have an unobstructed view of.

  • The Command Presence edge removes that last requirement, allowing you to advise even an unseen subordinate.

Trademark Weapon (and Improved)

Due to the transitory nature of gear in this game, this becomes a "brand loyalty" Edge. Choose a manufacturer; you get +1 to hit with their weapons and +1 Parry when wielding one of their weapons. Throwing that brand of grenade gives +1 to hit, but there is no Parry bonus as you do not "wield" a grenade.

New Edges (General)


Requirements: Seasoned, Fighting d10+

The warrior is experienced at moving across a large distance and getting the most effect out of rushing her foe. She may ignore the multi-action penalty for Running when making a Fighting attack at the end of her movement.

Requirements: Veteran, Charge

If he moves at least one inch beyond his normal Pace before making any Fighting attacks, the hero adds +2 to the damage rolls. Any target Shaken by such an attack is knocked prone.

Combat Slinger

Requirements: Novice, Fighting or Shooting at d6+

For the purpose of throwing weapons at a foe in combat, and meeting any Edge requirements for that purpose, you may use Fighting instead of Athletics. When throwing grenades (or any other attack where landing it at someone's feet is as good as hitting their body), you may instead use Shooting if better.


Requirements: Seasoned, Assassin

Once per combat, as an action, the assassin may make a Stealth roll to become invisible. Her foes must succeed at a Notice roll at -4 (or -6 if the Stealth roll was a raise) to realize what has happened. This lasts until the end of her next turn, or until she attacks someone (see below).

While the assassin is invisible, a holographic image of her appears in his place. Upon coming into existence, it may make one Intimidation or Taunt Test against a foe, using the assassin's skill.

The hologram cannot attack, move, or be harmed or affected (e.g., by Tests) in any way; it seems to effortless dodge out of the way of any attack. A foe who failed his Notice roll (see above) will believe it is the assassin, though he gets another Notice roll whenever he successfully attacks the hologram and sees it "dodge" his attack. The hologram disappears the moment the assassin becomes visible again.

If the assassin makes a ranged attack against someone or something while invisible, the target is considered Vulnerable. If she makes a melee attack, double the Vulnerable bonus (to +4)! Either way, immediately after the attack hits or misses, the assassin becomes visible and the hologram disappears.

Requirements: Veteran, Decepti0n

When the assassin reappears, she may choose to have the holograph explode for 3d6 damage in an MBT, injuring friend and foe alike.
Many Must Fall
Requirements: Heroic, Decepti0n

Each time she kills a subject while transparent, the assassin may make an immediate Stealth roll at a cumulative -2 to remain invisible for yet another turn instead of reappearing.

Digistructed Autonomous Weapon (DAW)

You can digistruct an autonomous weapon in an adjacent space. This counts as an action. It acts on your initiative (starting next turn) and exists until you dismiss it (as an action), it's destroyed, or you lose consciousness or die. If voluntarily dismissed, the delay until it can be resummoned is equal to the last time it stayed digistructed (minimum one minute); for example, if you summoned a clone for 45 minutes before dismissing it, you would have to wait 45 minutes before digistructing it again. If it left involuntarily, the delay is five times longer.

You may choose from any of the options at BAE DAWs. Your DAW is an Extra and has no Bennies, but you may spend your own Bennies on its actions. It Advances once for every two of your Advances (retroactively, if added later in your career), and has access to special options when it does so.

This Edge may be taken more than once, adding one of the following benefits:

  • Gain an additional DAW. You may digistruct multiple DAWs with a single action, all adjacent to you and/or each other.
  • Let one DAW take an immediate additional Advance.
  • (Seasoned PCs only) Add Longbow capability to one DAW. You may now summon it anywhere you can see that is not through a barrier, rather than adjacent to you.
  • (Seasoned PCs only) Make one DAW more survivable. At Seasoned, it is Resilient. At Veteran, it is Very Resilient. And at Heroic it becomes a full Wild Card (for all purposes, not just Wounds).

(Elemental) Affinity

Requirements: Novice

Choose one of the elements from BAE Elemental Damage except Explosive. When attacking with that element, you do +1 damage, or +2 damage on a raise (in addition to adding the usual critical damage).

Improved (Elemental) Affinity
Requirements: Veteran, Elemental Affinity

You now do +2 damage (or +4 on a raise) with your chosen element.

Fan the Hammer†

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Shooting d8+

This very specific Edge lets the Vault Hunter fire Jakobs pistols (only) by holding down the trigger while repeatedly slapping the hammer with their other hand (which must be empty). Regardless of the gun's RoF, the shooter may fire up to six shots (or the number of available Shots, if less) this way. Roll one Shooting die per shot plus a single Wild Die (for Wild Cards).

However, while this puts a lot of lead in the air, it isn't exactly accurate! The Shooting rolls are penalized by -4 and the Innocent Bystander rules apply for any Shooting die that comes up a 1 or 2.

Note: This Edge pairs well with Trademark Weapon (Jakobs).

Improved Fan the Hammer†
Requirements: Heroic, Fan the Hammer, Agility d10+, Shooting d10+

Fan the Hammer attacks now suffer only a -2 penalty.


Requirements: Novice, Shooting d8+

This is a variant of the Berserk Edge from p. 38; only the "Fury" paragraph has changed (effectively letting you "wild swing" with guns). If you wish, you can purchase both Edges, in which case you get both sets of "Fury" benefits while berserk, along with the common set of other features. See also Wild Berserker, below.

Immediately after suffering a Wound or a Shaken result (from physical damage only), your hero must make a Smarts roll or go gunzerk. She can voluntarily fail this check if she likes. She may also intentionally go gunzerk regardless of wounds by taking an action and succeeding at a Smarts roll.

Going gunzerk has the following effects:

  • Fury: The character treats all Min Str requirements as one die type lower, gets +2 on all Shooting rolls, and may reload once per turn as a free action; however, she remains Vulnerable (p. 100) for the duration of the gunzerking. She cannot use any skills that require wit or concentration (GM’s call). She may scream out threats and use Intimidation, for example.
  • Enraged: Adrenaline and rage fuel the gunzerker's muscles, adding +2 to Toughness. She ignores one level of Wound penalties (this stacks with any other abilities that reduce Wound penalties).
  • Reckless Abandon: Anytime a gunzerker rolls a Critical Failure on a Shooting check, she hits a random target within range of her attack (not the intended target), friend or foe. If there are no applicable targets, the blow simply misses, smashes nearby objects, etc.

After five consecutive rounds of gunzerk fury, the hero takes a level of Fatigue. At ten rounds, she takes another level of Fatigue and the rage ends. She may also choose to end her rage at any time by making a Smarts −2 roll (as a free action; possibly avoiding Fatigue if she manages to end her rage before it’s incurred!). Start the count anew if she goes gunzerk again, even in the same battle.

Requirements: Seasoned, Gunzerker, Strength d10+

While gunzerk, you treat all guns as one-handed weapons. Yes, you can dual-wield sniper rifles or rocket launchers. You may fully swap your gun loadout as a free action once when you first go gunzerk and then again once when it ends.
Sexual Tyrannosaurus
Requirements: Veteran, Gunzerker, Vigor d10+

While gunzerk, your first Soak roll each turn is free — no Benny required!

Iconic Accessory

Requirements: Novice, GM permission

This is a "catch-all" Edge for Vault Hunters who own weird, unique items, like the examples below. The GM and player will need to work together to come up with balanced game mechanics to represent this item. This unique item can be taken away from the character, which means the only way to get it back is to hunt down the people who took it; the Vault Hunter cannot just get another one!

If the Accessory can be "powered up" later down the road, this Edge can be taken multiple times, each time enhancing the given Accessory. Otherwise, it is a singular Edge; no one gets multiple Iconic Accessories.


  • Athena's Aspis: A transparent tactical shield with Min Str d4 and Wt 2. Every time an enemy hits the shield (i.e., misses while the shield is providing a Parry bonus or Cover), it gains a "charge." The shield can bash or be thrown for Damage Str+d10. If thrown, it has Range 8/16/32 and bounces to attack an additional foe for every two charges before returning to the owner; each subsequent attack is at a cumulative -1. Always calculate range from the owner. Charges dissipate when the shield is thrown or about a minute after combat ends.
  • Nisha's Gun Replicator: This small device perfectly replicates whatever one-handed weapon is being held in the user's other hand (so, usually a pistol). When attacking with both weapons on the same turn, ignore 1 point of penalties due to how perfectly matched they are.
  • Zane's Barrier: A transparent tactical shield with Min Str d4 and Wt 2. If thrown on the ground as an action it acts as the barrier power until picked up again or the barrier shatters. In the latter case, the shield "folds up" into a small ball for the next minute as it repairs itself. Power-Ups: Each additional Edge adds the equivalent of 2 points in Power Modifiers to the barrier (chosen when the Edge is taken).

Riled Up†

Requirements: Novice, Wild Card

When making melee attacks while wounded, you take the usual penalty to hit, but add your wound penalty to your damage rolls!


Requirements: Seasoned, Marksman, Agility d8+

The benefits of Marksman are improved, granting +1 to hit or ignoring 4 points of Called Shots, Cover, Range, Scale, or Speed penalties for Shooting or Athletics (throwing). In addition, the Vault Hunter gets this benefit while moving up to their Pace (just not while running). As with Marksman, this applies only when attacking with RoF 1 weapons (which includes Double Tap and 3RB), but never rapid-fire.

Trick Shooting†
Requirements: Veteran, Sharpshooting, Steady Hands, Agility d10+

The hero may now make Sharpshooting attacks while running, and even ignores the usual -2 penalty for doing so. In addition, in a round where their only actions are Sharpshooting attacks, they halve Multi-Action penalties.

Wild Berserker

Requirements: Veteran, Berserk or Gunserk.

While berserk and/or gunzerk, you get +4 to Toughness instead of +2!

New Edges (Robot)

These include both physical upgrades and special social benefits that only robot PCs can take. See also the Cybernetics Edges (below), for additional available upgrades.


Requirements: Seasoned, Robot

When you suffer a (non-Soaked) Wound in melee, you can automatically set off an Nova-style explosion causing 3d4 damage to all non-allies in an MBT centered on yourself. Once used, this system takes 10 minutes and a successful Repair check to reset. Once you reach Legendary Rank, the explosion affects an LBT instead.

Rainbow Nova™
Requirements: Veteran, Blastwave™

Choose any two elements when taking this Edge. Your Blastwave™ explosion now counts as both elements. Each character Rank beyond Veteran adds another element.

Sentimental Minion

Requirements: Novice, CL4P-TP (this is not a general Robot Edge)

Whenever there's a task to be done that multiple party members have the skills to accomplish, and yet you are the one they choose to handle it, your little heart swells up with pride! This gives you +1 on the roll to get it done; if the task requires multiple rolls, you get +1 on one of them (declare before rolling). This almost never applies to attack rolls, unless (e.g.) they pick you to face the boss one-on-one.

Succeed or fail, be sure to bring up "that time when I was picked to (x)" as often as possible. The party will appreciate you doing so. Really, they will.

The GM is the final arbiter of whether other PCs were a viable choice; e.g., if you have Hacking d10+2, the party can't say, "Well, Dave here (with Hacking d4) is the obvious choice, but we'll let the little robot try it." Be fair.

Requirements: Seasoned, Robot, Hacking d6+

This program can only be activated in a fight. It requires an action and a successful Hacking roll to launch. If successful, roll 1d6 on the table below; the effect lasts until the character draws a club for Initiative or the fight ends. If he gets a 1 on his skill die (regardless of the wild die), becomes corrupted and is unusable until he spends 10 minutes and makes a Hacking roll at -2 to sort it out.

  1. Funzerker: Gain both the Gunzerker and Gunlist Edges; you are automatically gunzerk. If you don't have a gun out, swap to one as a free action.
  2. Meat Unicycle: Gain the Berserk Edge; you are automatically berserk. If you don't have a melee weapon out, swap to one as a free action (or just pistol-whip).
  3. Shhh!Trap: Gain the Decepti0n Edge.
  4. Medbot: Gain the Siren's Healing power and 5 PP which do not recharge; see BAE Sirens. Use Smarts instead of Arcane skill.
  5. Minion: Digistruct a turret DAW.
  6. Rubber Ducky: Your body is covered in yellow rubber. Double jumping distance, +2 to "bouncy" Athletics checks, -2 to Intimidation.

Walk on Water

Requirements: Novice, Robot, Hover Jets mobility

You can travel over water as if it were solid ground.


Requirements: Seasoned, Robot, Hacking d8+

As an action, you can roll Hacking to tinker with your own files. Success improves one of your skills by one die type (two with a raise), while all of your other skills drop by one die type (d4 becomes untrained d4-2). Out of combat, this lasts 10 minutes before your system restores its natural configuration; in combat or a similarly stressful situation, it lasts until you draw a club for Initiative.

If you roll a 1 on your skill die (regardless of the wild die), you fry your own processor. All of your skills are lowered by one die until you or someone else with access to your motherboard spends 10 minutes and succeeds on a Hacking roll at -2 to sort it out.

New Edges (Cybernetics)

For humans, these Edges represent surgically implanted cybernetics. For robot PCs, they instead represent significant (obvious) hardware upgrades. Either way, they may be added after a body part is lost to overcome that injury (and then some).

If injured separately, cybernetic parts use the same rules for repair and healing as BAE Robot PCs.

Cyberpsychosis: Adding a bit of cyber is fine, but adding a lot tends to make people crazy, even sociopathic. If you're starting with multiple cybernetics, bear that in mind when choosing Hindrances. If adding it later on, the GM should be willing to let you swap an existing Hindrance or two for something darker.

Cybernetic Arm

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+

One of your arms is now cybernetic. All melee attacks made with this arm now do +2 damage. When using this arm to wield a weapon (including guns), your Str is treated as one die higher for meeting minimum strength requirements. Both effects do apply when using a two-handed weapon.

You may purchase this Edge twice, once for each arm. The main benefit of doubling up is that you can then take advantage of these bonuses when dual-wielding weapons. When using a two-handed weapon, just use the rules above except that the melee damage bonus becomes +3.

Power Fist
Requirements: Seasoned, Cybernetic Arm, Vigor d8+

Your cybernetic forearm telescopes, so your melee attacks with this arm gain Reach 2 (or +1 to existing Reach if better). In addition, your unarmed punches now inflict one type of BAE Elemental Damage! Explosive is a popular choice, though CL4P-TPs often get Incendiary, corporate-branded as the Hyperion Punch™!

Cybernetic Eye

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+

Your eye(s) have been replaced by enhanced ones. This give you a free reroll on vision-based Notice rolls plus Low Light Vision (which lets you ignore Dim and Dark Illumination penalties, but not Pitch Black). As well, while anyone can use their Echo device to record photos and video, you can do so hands-free.

Cybernetic Legs (or Wheel)

Requirements: Novice, Vigor d6+, no Hover Jets mobility, no Watch Me Fall! Hindrance

For humans, your legs are now cybernetic. For robots, your leg or wheel servos and suspension are improved. Either way, this lets you ignore 1 point of penalties from running, unstable platforms, and similar movement. It also doubles the distances you can jump per p. 93.

Requirements: Seasoned, Cybernetic Legs, Vigor d8+

You may now ignore up to 2 points of penalties from running, unstable platforms, and similar movement. Plus on any turn in which you aren't incurring those penalties, you can move up to half your Pace and still take advantage of any Edge or gear which requires you to "not move this turn" (e.g., Marksman or avoiding a Snapfire Penalty).

Shoulder Cannon

Requirements: Heroic, Vigor d6+

You have a cybernetic laser mounted on your shoulder that you control with your thoughts. At the end of your combat turn, if you have taken no more than two actions, the laser may target someone using your Shooting skill; this does not take or cause a multi-action penalty. Its stats are Range 10/20/40, Damage 2d10, AP 2, RoF 1, HW. It does not use ammo of any sort.

Elemental Cannon
Requirements: Heroic, Shoulder Cannon

Your shoulder cannon gains one type of BAE Elemental Damage. At Legendary, choose a second element; it inflicts both.

New Edges (Psycho)

Only those with the Psycho Hindrance (see BAE Attributes, Skills, and Hindrances) may take these elemental edges, representing the weird interaction of Eridium with the blood.

Blood Explosion

Requirements: Veteran, Psycho.

Once per fight, when you take out an enemy, you may spend a Benny to declare a Blood Explosion. All creatures (friend or foe!) in a Medium Burst Template centered on the victim suffer 3d6 damage. If the original victim was killed by an elemental attack, add the same elemental damage to the Blood Explosion.

Elemental Breath

Requirements: Veteran, Psycho

Choose an element, except for Explosive, when you take this Edge. Once per fight, you may (as an action) exhale a breath that does 2d10 damage, plus that element, in a Cone Template.

(Elemental) Sweat

Requirements: Seasoned, Psycho, Vigor d8+

Choose an element when you take this Edge. When you take or cause a Wound, you become covered in a thin layer of this element. For the next 5 rounds, you are Resistant to that element and you add that element to your melee attacks. (See BAE Elemental Damage.) You may take this Edge multiple times to sweat multiple elements at once.

Raving Retribution
Requirements: Heroic, (Elemental) Sweat, Vigor d10+

When you suffer a (non-Soaked) Wound, you automatically hurl an energy ball of the same element as your "sweat" at the creature that just harmed you. This is not an action. Roll against your Vigor (not Shooting) to hit, applying normal Shooting modifiers with Range 10/20/40. The ball does 2d10 damage plus the element(s) from your sweat.

New Edges (Siren)

See BAE Sirens for the full list of new and existing Siren Edges.

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