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MyGURPS - Vagarog Demon Prince Of Recklessness

Vagarog Demon Prince Of Recklessness

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(Credit: RogueLdr)

Vagarog, Demon Prince Of Recklessness

The world is really messed up. Live fast, die young, then come visit me. <insane laughter>

From humble beginnings as a Knight of Vapula, Vagarog gained his Word after aiding several humans in the invention of gunpowder (a substance which has caused far too much suffering for Heaven's taste). Vagarog originally requested the Word Gunpowder, but, on a whim of the Dark Lord, was instead granted Recklessness.

Needless to say, The Prince Of Technology dreaded having the Demon Of Recklessness working in Hell's R&D department. Vagarog quickly proved his usefulness, however, working diligently to aid mortals in developing repeater rifles and several wonderful types of bombs. One of Vagarog's greatest early achievements came in assisting humans in the creation of the automobile. Hurling around in these two-ton steel machines of death, people grew more and more reckless. As auto death tolls rose, Vagarog gained in power.

Vagarog gained his Princedom during the Korean war, when an American pilot attempted to perform a barrel roll before landing. The resultant crash into the flight control tower and explosion of fuel reserves caused the loss of twelve troop planes, seven food transports, and a total of 2,300 lives. The delay in supply convoys prolonged the war for over a year. Lucifer was so delighted that he immediately granted Vagarog his own Principality.

Vagarog is the new kid on the demonic block. His Word is steadily growing in power as mortals discover such joys as bungee jumping, parasailing, demolition derbies, and professional hockey. Being a Calabim, Vagarog dearly lovs the destruction so often caused by his Word. During his frequent times of relaxation, he can be found cackling with a soft, maniacal glee as a forty car pileup on some freeway clover causes humanity that much more misery. Vagarog generally appears as a teenage human male, with long hair and a leather jacket.

Politically, Vagarog is something of a slacker. He doesn't actively support anyone except Nybbas (the new guys like to stick together). He gets along well with Baal and Belial (for obvious enough reasons). His former master, Vapula, deeply resents Vagarog's success. The Prince of Technology, remembering the fate of the Prince Of Sloth (eaten by Haagenti) is now worried about payback attempts. Vagarog's success is one of the reasons Vapula banned Calabim from his service. His servitors have been instructed to thwart Vagarog's whenever possible. In reply, the demons under Recklessness have been told to be especially 'uncareful' near Vapula's high tech little toys. Vagarog is also on the bad side of Asmodeus, who feels that the prince Of Recklessness' lack of political ambition must mean he is plotting something.


It is dissonant for any servant of Vagarog to discourage anyone from a reckless course of action. They must also, at least once per day, encourage someone to act recklessly, or suffer a point of dissonance. The dissonance disappears when the demon gets 'caught up.'

Band Attunements

Note: GM's should use their own judgment about what constitutes a 'reckless' act.


Vagarog's balseraphs are especially adept at 'truth alteration' where danger levels are concerned. Whenever trying to convince someone that an activity is 'perfectly harmless', the demon may add his Celestial Forces to the target number of his Resonance roll.


Djinn serving Vagarog have the ability to tell whether or not an object of their attunement will be injured or killed as a result of a reckless action within 24 hours. These Djinn also gain the ability to extend the Servitor Attunement Wild Thang (see below) to any rolls benefiting an object of their attunement. Note that Djinn still have to purchase Wild Thang normally.


As the favored servants of Vagarog, these Calabim are granted increased 'control' (if such a term can be used) over the recklessness that is entropy. They may add their Celestial Forces to the check digit of any successful Resonance roll!


These demons are granted the ability to cause a target waves of reckless emotion. If successful, this ability causes the target to to proceed upon his/her course with little or no regard for personal safety. They also become highly susceptible to suggestion.


Vagarog's Tempters can treat a Geas as one level higher when 'calling in the favor,' as long as the request is something of a reckless nature ("Oh, you're so sweet. Now remember that favor you owe me? If you could just drive your car over that drawbridge . . .")


These Corrupters have a tendency to be even rougher on their hosts than usual. They gain an additional number of body hits equal to their Corporeal Forces plus their Strength immediately upon entering a host. When they leave, these hits are lost. Note that is this drops the host into negative hits, they may die and cause the Shedim a point of Dissonance.


Impudites in servoce to Vagarog gain the ability to steal Essence from a victim without charming them first, so long as the victim is engaged in a reckless activity (these guys often take Roles as sky-diving instructors)

Servitor Attunement

Wild Thang

These demons always seem to pull out of dangerous situations at the last minute, whether it be swerving the motorcycle away from a tree or jumping from an out of control roller coaster. In any dangerous situation caused by their own reckless behavior, any Essence spent by the demon to increase his chance of success on a die roll counts as double. Note that this only applies to the demon's attempts to save their own hide, not anyone else (exception being the Djinn, see above).


Knight of Chances

These demons are automatically granted their choice of the following skills: Acrobatics/6, Driving/6, Escape/6, Throwing/6. Points already in the skill may be spent on something else.

Captain of Stunts

Captains of Vagarog gain ALL of the skills listed for his Knights.

Duke Of Daredevils

Always one to be different, Vagarog changed the title of his highest Distinction (hear Asmodeus' teeth grinding?). The vessels of these Demons are nearly impossible to take down. Unless the damage comes from a Song or Celestial Relic, they can be hurt, but never killed, by any Body hits taken! Think of Wile. E. Coyote.... slow 'im down, sure, but never stop him!

Basic Rites

  • Run a red light at a busy intersection.
  • Watch a human die of his own reckless behavior.
  • Watch a group of ten or more humans dies as a result of someone else's reckless behavior.
  • Convince someone to act recklessly, with an end result of over $100,000,000 in damage. (+2 Essence)


Allied: Nybbas
Neutral: Belial, Malphas, Baal
Hostile: Asmodeus
Enemy: Vapula

Chance of Invocation: 2

+1 A bungee cord
+2 A gun, carried fully loaded for twenty four hours with the safety off
+3 10 kilos of nitroglycerin
+4 A traffic sign/light removed from a busy intersection
+5 A traffic accident involving more than twenty vehicles
+6 Site of a jumbo jet crash, with no survivors

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