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Torg Eternity Wasp Perks

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Canonically, The God Box allows players to create Darooni Wasp Rider PCs, but only with the caveat that their giant wasp has been killed, which kind of defeats the point! Since the Living Land already allows Storm Knights to have all sorts of animal companions, a giant wasp fits right in. Thus, these unofficial homebrew Perks introduce the Darooni's giant wasps back into the game.

The statistics for the Giant Wasp are excerpted from The God Box, ©Copyright Ulisses Spiele. However, the Wounds have been increased to 3 as befitting an upgraded animal companion.

Note: Only female Darooni are allowed to become wasp riders. This is not given game-mechanical weight as a prerequisite here, but anyone wishing to play a "renegade male wasp rider" will need to clear it with the GM.

Animal Companion (Wasp)

Prereq: Darooni, beast riding 3+

This Perk grants the hero a giant wasp as a companion, though one that is not yet mature. It is 2 meters long (about the size of a human) with a 4 meter wingspan, and mostly black with a blood-red abdomen. Though not yet venomous, its stinger still packs a punch. It is incredibly strong for its size, but not enough to carry its master. This is a female wasp; male wasps lack stingers.

Standard animal companion rules apply: It can follow basic commands ("attack that foe," "protect that person," "fly back to base," etc.) and is usually controlled by the player; it does not have Possibilities of its own, but the player may use their Possibilities and Destiny cards for it (even if separated); if defeated, it is considered Incapacitated and will return at the start of the next act; and if truly killed, the player must travel to Merretika to bond with a new one.

Attributes: Charisma 4, Dexterity 9, Mind 4, Spirit 6, Strength 9
Skills: Dodge 12, intimidation (14), find 7, maneuver 11, stealth 10, taunt (12), unarmed combat 10
Move: 5, Tough: 10 (1), Shock: 6, Wounds: 2
Possibilities: Never
Special Abilities:

  • Armor: Exoskeleton +1.
  • Flight: Speed 10 in the air.
  • Stinger: Damage Strength +1 (10), AP 1, not venomous.

Animal Companion (Giant Wasp)

Prereq: Beta clearance, Animal Companion (Wasp)

The wasp has grown to maturity, and is about the size of a (winged) crocodile. Its stinger now injects a paralytic venom. However, the "rider bond" between Darooni and wasp has not yet formed, which means it is not yet willing to let its master harvest its venom, nor will it wear the riding harness necessary to pick them up.

Attributes: Charisma 4, Dexterity 10, Mind 4, Spirit 6, Strength 11
Skills: Dodge 13, intimidation (16), find 9, maneuver 12, stealth 11, taunt (14), unarmed combat 12
Move: 5; Tough: 13 (2); Shock: 8; Wounds: 3
Possibilities: Never
Special Abilities:

  • Armor: Exoskeleton +2.
  • Flight: Speed 10 in the air
  • Giant Wasp Venom: 2 Shock per round to an affected target (see Poison in Torg Eternity).
  • Large: Fully grown giant wasps are up to five meters long, and have wingspans of 10 meters. Attacks against it are at +2 to hit.
  • Stinger: Damage Strength +3 (14), AP 2, injects Giant Wasp Venom if damage exceeds Toughness.

Wasp Rider

Prereq: Beta clearance, Animal Companion (Giant Wasp)

Wasp and rider are now one. The Darooni (alone) may harvest and use the wasp's venom. More importantly, they can now fly together. The wasp wears a harness that hangs below it, and its middle legs touch the rider to hold them in place and "feel" subtle commands. While aloft, both may act at no penalty. The player may also make Soak rolls for the wasp, using the Darooni's reality skill.

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