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MyGURPS - Tian Xia Style List

Tian Xia Style List

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This is a list of each of the 42 styles of TianXia, in alphabetical order. Each one includes:

  • A description of the Form, for invoking and compelling this aspect.
  • The secret technique which you learn when you master the style.

Forest Crane

Forest Crane Form

Forest Crane stylists merge situational awareness, circular movements, and defensive posture to create a reactive style that uses the environment and an opponent’s own aggression against them. Forest Crane practitioners are among some of the most graceful and balanced fighters around.

Secret Technique: Crane Stands Among the Reeds

Even situations supposedly advantageous to their foes pose no challenge to the Forest Crane master. They instinctively use poor footing, darkness, or cluttered battlefields to their advantage, even when on defense.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to attune yourself to your surroundings. For the rest of the scene, you gain a +2 bonus whenever you or an opponent uses one or more Aspect in a Fight contest you are involved in based on the physical environment.

Forest Dragon

Forest Dragon Form

Forest Dragon practitioners stand proud and powerful in the center of any situation, relying on their solid stances and powerful blocks and strikes to direct a conflict. They seek firm footing and advantageous positions, allowing their foes to come to them and only moving when their actions create new opportunities.

Secret Technique: Dragon Waits in the Trees

Forest Dragon masters learn to see strong and weak avenues of attack and defense in every situation. They can adjust their tactics instantly to exploit these openings.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate point to create an advantage with a +2 bonus against an opponent who has just failed a roll in a Fight contest involving you. This can also be a defense against your own attack using Athletics or any attempt to create an advantage against you during physical combat (such as using Deceive to feint or disorient).

Forest Leopard

Forest Leopard Form

Forest Leopard stylists concentrate on becoming one with the battlefield. They use obstacles, terrain, and even their opponents to aid their movement, attacks, and defenses. Practitioners learn to springboard off walls, slide over and under obstacles, and perform similar maneuvers even as they attack and defend. Practitioners seem to blend into the chaos and rhythm of a fight until the moment they act. If an opponent ever loses track of the Forest Leopard, it is usually too late.

Secret Technique: Leopard Stands in Shade

Forest Leopard Masters truly become one with the ebb and flow of their surroundings. Using keenly cultivated awareness and conditioning, they align their energies to everything around them. The Master becomes difficult to track and pin down, even when standing in plain view. They are not invisible, but superior footwork and spatial awareness makes their positioning deceptive. A Forest Leopard Master can deliver an attack while seeming far away and any missteps by their opponents only reinforce the impression the Forest Leopard is everywhere and nowhere at once.

Effect: Spend 1 fate point. For the rest of the scene, whenever the character invokes an environment-based aspect for combat or stealth-oriented actions, gain a +3 instead of the normal +2 bonus. The character may gain one free invocation with an appropriate aspect when they activate this Technique. If an opponent fails any Create an Advantage action against the character based on combat or perception, add a free invocation to an environment-based aspect instead of the advantage they failed to Create.

Forest Monkey

Forest Monkey Form

To the Forest Monkey practitioner, everything in the field of battle is part of it. Walls provide springboards and striking surfaces to shove or push an opponent into. Common objects become distractions, impediments, and even weapons. Even their opponents can be maneuvered and repositioned to augment the Forest Monkey’s acrobatic defenses and attacks. While others seeks to avoid or work around such obstacles, the Forest Monkey stylist swings and capers effortlessly among them.

Secret Technique: Monkey Swings From the Tree

The Forest Monkey master has conquered his environment, using it to his advantage to baffle his opponents. No obstacle or hazard can be used to aid against the master’s attacks and defenses, and his opponents often feel as if they are fighting not just the master, but their surroundings as well.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to invoke an environment-based advantage or scene aspect in a Fight attack or defense. Instead of the normal +2 bonus, this invocation receives a +3 bonus and does not use up any free invocations possessed, though these may be used in conjunction with this technique. If the attack or defense using this advantage or aspect succeeds with style, you may add a free invocation to it instead of taking a boost.

Forest Phoenix

Forest Phoenix Form

Few can match the Forest Phoenix stylist for fluid defense and opportunistic attacks. Moving easily throughout any terrain, they use constant motion and evasion to keep opponents off-balance. Kicks, sweeps, nerve strikes, and other attacks that keep foes at a distance and disadvantaged are favored. What they lack in raw power, Forest Phoenix practitioners make up for in grace and technique.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Swoops Between the Trees

Forest Phoenix masters can use agility and positioning to avoid deadly blows. They can even defend others with their skill.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to re-roll the effects of a Fight or Athletics defense action. Treat this new roll as if it was a Full Defense action, but without having to sacrifice your next action.

Forest Serpent

Forest Serpent Form

Practitioners of Forest Serpent use speed and misdirection in ways that make them some of the cagiest fighters in the land. They will never commit to an action or position they cannot quickly retreat from and prefer to lure opponents into situations where they can finish a fight with a series of quick, precise blows. Any vulnerability in a foe is to be identified and exploited the moment it is safe to do so.

Secret Technique: Serpent Strikes from Tall Grass

Forest Serpent masters have perfected the preemptive counterstrike. An opponent moving to attack must contend with being struck along whatever lines his own attack opens up.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point as an opponent is about to make a Fight attack against you. You may interrupt this attack with an attack of your own with a +2 bonus to the attack roll. This attack does not count against your next action. If your opponent is still active, he may then attack normally.

Forest Tiger

Forest Tiger Form

Forest Tiger stylists are easily the most dangerous of the Forest styles, but among the most reserved of Tiger styles. They focus on situational defense and positioning, but only to set up an opponent for a deadly counterassault. Forest Tiger practitioners are a mix of calm patience and explosive aggression, a challenging mix to deal with.

Secret Technique: Tiger Stalks the Path

Forest Tiger masters are the kings of exploiting a temporary weakness in an opponent’s position or stance. Once they identify such flaws, they move in with a precise but brutal attack that usually finishes the fight and can even injure those with competent but imperfect defenses.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point on a successful Fight attack; the effect depends on whether any stress got past the foe's defense, armor, etc. If no stress got through, the attack now has +4 Weapon Rating. If any stress got through, add an additional free invocation to any consequence created by this attack, or grant a boost if no consequence is created.

Ghost Crane

Ghost Crane Form

Ghost Crane practitioners use sweeping movements that seem deceptively slow but are in fact swift and effective. This seeming weakness of their style creates gaps in their opponent’s attacks and defenses, who find themselves unbalanced and striking or blocking just a moment too late. Nerve strikes, sweeps, and maneuvers that redirect an opponent’s momentum are common. Despite their solid footwork and effective defense, Ghost Crane stylists rarely hold position and instead flow through the battle like a graceful spirit.

Secret Technique: Crane Flies through Heaven

Ghost Crane masters seem to shift almost instantly away from incoming attacks as if they were never in their path in the first place. Attuning their internal energies with an incoming attack, they repel and avoid it by matching its power, speed, and technique with an effective counterpoint. Masters may shift subtly to avoid an attack to evade with a sweeping block or acrobatic dodge, but the end result is the same, the blow does not land.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to re-roll a defense against a physical attack, adding a +2 bonus to defense. Any aspects or advantages invoked in the previous roll are kept. If this defense was not previously a Full Defense, you may now do so for the normal +2 bonus.

Ghost Dragon

Ghost Dragon Form

More than nearly any other style, Ghost Dragon seeks to find a balance between physical and spiritual, attack and defense. Stylists use cautious but powerful strikes, locks, and sweeps combined with blocks and evasions that use no more movement than necessary. Ghost Dragon practitioners exude confidence and subtle menace; a warning to opponents who seek to defeat them by deception or misdirection. A Ghost Dragon may be outfought, but he is rarely overwhelmed by all but the mightiest of foes.

Secret Technique: Dragon Stands in Heaven

Ghost Dragon masters cultivate a presence on the battlefield that demoralizes lesser foes and even gives opponents of equal or greater skill a subtle pause that can be exploited. Showing no fear, hesitation, or trepidation, the master creates opportunities for decisive action and implements them with terrible certainty. The master appears to be a solid, unrelenting constant in the middle of the chaos of battle and the effect is unnerving to all who witness his confidence, power, and stoic acceptance of his dominance.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and make a Create an Advantage action with a +2 bonus using Will, Chi, or Provoke (character’s choice when learning this technique) with a difficulty equal to the highest Jianghu Rank among your opponents. Success creates an Unnerving Confidence advantage with an additional free invocation.

Ghost Leopard

Ghost Leopard Form

Ghost Leopard stylists are as introspective as they are deadly. They begin a fight with slow, measured precision on defense and offense, increasing speed and power as their foes tire. Once a target is worn down, they strike without mercy or pause. A Ghost Leopard practitioner rarely starts a fight, but often finishes them.

Secret Technique: Leopard Haunts the Battlefield

Ghost Leopard Masters perfect the art of aligning their Chi with the flow of combat and their opponent’s own energies. This Technique makes it easier for them to avoid blows and eventually places them in position to overwhelm their opponent’s defenses and deliver a blow that breaks both body and fighting spirit.

Effect: Spend 1 fate point after the character succeeds with style on a Fight Defend action. In addition to taking a boost, they gain a +1 bonus to Fight or Athletics Defend actions against their foe for the rest of the scene. For the purposes of this Technique, a mob counts as one foe. In addition, the character may “burn” this bonus before making a Fight Attack against the same target for a +2 Attack bonus that ignores 2 Armor Rating from any source, including Chi Armor. The character may stack these bonuses if desired.

Ghost Monkey

Ghost Monkey Form

Ghost Monkey concentrates on the mastery of internal energies to augment the style’s acrobatic defenses and attacks. Pushes, feints, sweeps, and pressure point strikes hinder an attacker, making him easier to outmaneuver and subdue. Rolls and dodges keep opponents at a distance until the practitioner can find the right opening to finish the fight with a disabling strike or grapple. One of the most physical of the Ghost styles, many underestimate the inner power of the capering, mocking Ghost Monkey.

Secret Technique: Monkey Laughs at the Gods

Ghost Monkey masters can channel their internal energies to propel their bodies out of harm’s way with alarming speed and agility. Even seemingly unstoppable attacks can be avoided by removing the master from their path with a nigh-impossible dodge, leap, or rolling evasion. Furthermore, the Ghost Monkey’s attunement to the spiritual allows them to position themselves most effectively to deliver a perfect follow-up attack. Even aging or frail masters of this style can perform amazing acrobatic defenses, their Chi pushing them to places their muscles alone cannot.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and use your Chi in place of Athletics to defend against a physical attack by dodging or evading. This defense roll gets a +2 bonus (+3 if your Athletics is great or equal to your Chi skill) and if it succeeds with style you gain a +1 attack bonus and +1 Weapon Rating to your next attack against your attacker in addition to the normal boost.

Ghost Phoenix

Ghost Phoenix Form

Ghost Phoenix practitioners embrace the transitory nature of battle, seeking ideal pathways for their attacks and defense. Observing foes closely, they align their movements with an opponent allowing them to deliver disabling nerve strikes, sweeping kicks, and unbalancing push attacks not where their opponent is, but where they will be when the blow lands. Their sliding dodges and deflecting blocks work similarly, moving past or along with attacks to avoid contact. Easily one of the softest and most spiritual styles, Ghost Phoenix is nevertheless very effective.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Divines the Heavens

Ghost Phoenix masters learn to instantly attune themselves with the internal energies of an opponent, allowing them to read intended action with a quick glance or light touch. Once so aligned, they move in tandem with their foe, providing an appropriate response to each attack or defense. The Ghost Phoenix master is not consciously reading his opponent’s movements, but instead yielding to the spiritual attuning to become his foe’s perfect counterpoint, the yin to their yang.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and engage in a contest against a target using Chi. Gain a +2 bonus to rolls in this contest and resolve it before any further actions are taken. If you win the contest by scoring 3 successes before your opponent, gain a +1 attack and +1 defense bonus in physical combat against that foe for the rest of the scene. If you are not defeated by this opponent, you may spend 1 Fate Point to receive these bonuses in future scenes without need for another contest.

Ghost Serpent

Ghost Serpent Form

Ghost Serpent practitioners are some of the most elusive, graceful, and unpredictable fighters. Their swift, smooth strikes slide past defenses to find vital points in an opponent and their subtle shifting dodges and blocks turn aside blows that seemed would connect. Feints and locks augment these methods and allow the stylist to control a battle, keeping an opponent from bringing his full power to bear on the Ghost Serpent. Practitioners favor speed and precision over power, eschewing powerful but slower methods for a flurry of well-aimed and timed techniques.

Secret Technique: Serpent Poisons the Soul

Ghost Serpent masters have learned the secrets of hindering one’s opponents by disrupting or “poisoning” their Chi flow. By striking with incredible precision and speed, the master channels his own internal energies through his blow and causes his opponent’s own energies to work against them, locking joints, slowing reflexes, and otherwise restricting their ability to fight. While not lethal by itself, this technique can render a powerful foe so impaired they can be easily disabled or killed by the Ghost Serpent.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and make a Fight attack against a target with a +2 bonus. If the attack succeeds with at least 2 shifts, the defender must take a Poisoned Chi consequence to deal with the damage even if they have stress boxes available or be taken out of the exchange, their body paralyzed and useless. The consequence can be any severity available to the character but it must affect all the shifts inflicted. Any further uses of this Secret Technique against the same opponent will add a free invocation to this consequence per two shifts instead of doing stress and consequences normally for as long as the character possesses this consequence.

Ghost Tiger

Ghost Tiger Form

Those who practice Ghost Tiger combine ruthless aggression and a finely honed fighting spirit into a deadly combination. Punishing kicks, punches, and open hand claw strikes to vital areas assault both their opponent’s bodies and spirit. Blocks and welltimed counterblows provide a potent defense even as the stylist continues his steady, brutal assault. Any weakness in an opponent is exploited with the goal of ending a conflict quickly and decisively.

Secret Technique: Tiger Rends the Spirit

Ghost Tiger masters learn a powerful variant of the common Tiger claw strike that not only does grave physical harm, but also damages an opponent’s Chi by rending not only their body but also their spirit. This attack is rumored to even be able to harm ghosts and other supernatural creatures thought to be immune to physical force.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to make a Fight attack with a +1 bonus and +2 Weapon Rating. You may choose to do either mental or physical stress with this attack. Also, this attack can be used to harm gods, spirits, and other beings normally immune to physical attacks.

Iron Crane

Iron Crane Form

Iron Crane stylists are a strange mix of hard and soft, linear and circular movements. They remove many of the flourishes and distracting motions that accompany other Crane styles, preferring stripped-down, no-nonsense fighting that focuses on disabling foes quickly with pressure point strikes, hard counterattacks, and throws. Iron Crane is favored by many bodyguards and magistrates for its defensive powers and simple yet effective attack postures.

Secret Technique: Iron-Beaked Crane Breaks Charging Tiger

Iron Crane masters train to deliver blows to vital points capable of bringing down even seasoned fighters with a single blow. They use their opponent’s own movement and attacks to further fuel this attack, making it dangerous even when minimal force is applied.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point when you succeed with style on a Fight or Athletics defense. In addition to the normal boost, inflict a number of physical stress shifts equal to the rating of your opponent’s Physique plus 2 additional physical stress for each zone the opponent moved in their last action (minimum +2 stress shifts).

Iron Dragon

Iron Dragon Form

Iron Dragon stylists are some of the toughest fighters around. Eschewing fancy maneuvers for strong blows and hard blocks, the style favors taking lesser blows to open a foe up to a disabling lock or punishing strike. What the Iron Dragon lacks in subtlety, he makes up in majestic power.

Secret Technique: Scales and Teeth Unto like Iron

Hardening his skin to deliver terrible blows and withstand incredible punishment, the Iron Dragon master is a terror in combat. He can rend flesh with a blow or shrug off mighty blows with conditioning and superior Kung Fu.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate point; for the remainder of the scene, any attacker who creates a consequence on you with physical stress does not get a free invocation for creating the consequence. In addition, you gain +1 Weapons Rating to all your Fight attacks.

Iron Leopard

Iron Leopard Form

Iron Leopard stylists are among the hardest hitting fighters around, mixing strong blows with deadly precision to deliver powerful blows to an opponent’s weakest points. They rely upon speed and maneuverability in defense, preferring a more aggressive, less defensive approach than other Leopard practitioners. They are neither careless nor reckless but unrelentingly persistent in their offense.

Secret Technique: Iron Leopard Palm

Though all Leopard stylists favor the dread Leopard Fist, Iron Leopard Masters have learned to channel their strikes to deliver bone-breaking force to precise targets. These blows do great damage to soft tissues and organs, destroying an opponent’s ability to keep fighting. Despite this Technique’s name, Masters learn to land these blows with hands, feet, and weapons.

Effect: Spend 1 fate point and make a Fight Attack action. This has a +2 Weapon Rating, and also removes one invocation on the target’s Form or Chi Armor (target’s choice). If the Attack succeeds with style, it removes another invocation (in addition to the option to gain a boost). If a target has no invocations to remove when the Attack hits, it does an additional +1 Weapon Rating instead (+2 additional if Attack succeeds with style).

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey Form

A mix of impressive circular defensive movements and linear striking techniques, Iron Monkey practitioners employ sweeping blocks and evasions that flow into potent kicks, punches, pushes, grabs, and open hand claws. To the practitioner, a roll or dodge is not just a defensive action but also the beginning of an attack that drives outward from them with surprising force. Like the monkey, these stylists have surprising physical power and rely on quickly bringing that to bear to overcome opponents.

Secret Technique: Monkey Escapes the Cage

Iron Monkey masters learn to use the momentum and positioning of an incoming attack to power their own follow-up strike. The master flips, slips, or otherwise avoids their attacker and meets them with a forceful and well-placed acrobatic strike while their opponent is off-balance or out of position.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to defend against a physical attack with a +2 bonus to Fight or Athletics. If the defense succeeds, you gain a +2 boost and +2 Weapon Rating to your next Fight attack against your attacker. If you tie instead, neither you nor your attacker gains a boost, though you still get +2 Weapon Rating for your next attack. If you succeed with style, you may create a Superior Positioning advantage with a free invocation instead of a boost.

Iron Phoenix

Iron Phoenix Form

Favored by female warriors and those desiring a mix of power and maneuverability, Iron Phoenix provides a mixture of strong fundamental attacks and defenses and elaborate evasions and feints. Practitioners of this style seek to strike an opponent’s vital areas with disabling force and avoid damage by combining efficient dodges and misdirecting blocks.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Breaks the Anvil

Iron Phoenix masters learn to strike a foe with both pinpoint precision and alarming power, delivering a blow that not only shuts down a target’s Chi flow, but also damages their body. This attack leaves lasting effects, requiring time for the target’s spirit and body to heal.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate point to add 4 additional stress to shift value of a successful Fight attack. Targets who elect to take at least one consequence can avoid this extra stress.

Iron Serpent

Iron Serpent Form

Iron Serpent practitioners use power and speed to compensate for direct defense. They seek to end fights quickly with a series of quick jabs, kicks, and grabs that all have surprising power behind them. Evasion and blocking are not ignored, but few movements are used that do not also set up the stylist for their own attacks.

Secret Technique: Serpent Sword Blow

The Iron Serpent master delivers a fast blow that weaves past a foe’s defenses and cuts deeply into him. Even barehanded strikes using this attack can cut or stab, so great is the speed and power of this blow.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point before making a Fight attack to get a +2 bonus and +2 Weapon Rating. On a tie, this attack adds a free invocation to your Form in addition to doing the normal 0 stress + Weapon Rating.

Iron Tiger

Iron Tiger Form

The dreaded Iron Tiger practitioner is thought to be one of the most aggressive, lethal fighters around. What Iron Tigers lack in maneuverability and flexibility they make up for in physical power, toughness, and aggression. This style eschews many of the tactics and principles of softer styles to focus purely on hard-hitting blows, disabling strikes, painful locks, and linear but effective defenses.

Secret Technique: Tiger Caged in Iron

Assuming a powerful and aggressive stance, the Iron Tiger master unleashes a terrible attack on his opponent with the force to shatter bone and burst blood vessels. So strong is the blow that blocking is no defense, only avoiding the blow will save the target.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and make a Fight attack against a target, with a +2 bonus if they use Fight to Defend. Regardless of what the target uses to defend with, also add a +4 Weapon rating to the attack.

Lightning Crane

Lightning Crane Form

Lightning Crane stylists rely on quick deflecting blocks and subtle but effective evasions executed quickly and without wasted energy. Attacks come in the form of quick hand strikes, low kicks, and the occasional sweep or throw. A Lightning Crane practitioner’s footwork is key to its success, as balance and solid footing lets them throw their entire bodies behind bursts of speed in attack and defense. In many ways this style seems like a stripped down speeded up version of other Crane styles despite being a fully developed style of its own.

Secret Technique: Crane Steps between Thunderstrikes

Lightning Crane masters epitomize the values of the marriage of alacrity and energy conservation. They do not move unless they must, but when they do, it is fueled by the energy they save by staying still. This allows them to easily exploit an opponent who overcommits himself on attack and cannot recover in time to properly defend himself.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point when an attack against you fails. You can immediately roll Fight or Athletics to create an advantage against that attacker with a one-time bonus equal to your total shifts in defense + 1. If your defense also succeeded with style you gain an additional free invocation to the created advantage in addition to the normal boost benefit.

Lightning Dragon

Lightning Dragon Form

While many Kung Fu styles trade speed for power or power for speed, Lightning Dragon teaches practitioners to find power in speed. Twisting strikes and coiled movements generate fast movements that fuel strong attacks, with punches, open-palmed, pushes, and claw-hand blows favored over most kicks. Defenses are a solid mixture of blocks and circular evasive movements. Despite a general lack of far reaching attacks, Lightning Dragon stylists are considered some of the more balanced fighters around.

Secret Technique: Dragon Breathes the Lightning

Lightning Dragon masters have learned to build their power with every movement in a conflict. Each step, shift, or blow adds to their internal power. When the moment is right, the master unleashes this energy, bursting forth with powerful blows that sends his opponent reeling and quickly wears down their defenses.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point; you may “bank” 1 shift from any Fight or Athletics roll made until the end of the scene. These shifts do not count toward their initial roll but can then be added to any successful Fight attack roll for the rest of the scene. There is no limit to how many shifts you can bank and use at once, but any unused shifts go away at the end of the scene.

Lightning Leopard

Lightning Leopard Form

There are few fighters faster than the Lightning Leopard practitioner. With respectable power and alarming speed, they combine graceful, quick dodges and blocks with fast, vicious strikes. Acrobatic movements and skillful feints allow the stylist to attack from unpredictable angles. Combined with the speed of the Lightning Leopard, these attacks can quickly take down a target.

Secret Technique: Leopard Follows the Lightning

Masters of this Style learn to combine patience with bursts of blinding speed to capitalize on even the briefest lapses in defense. A series of deceptively flashy feints appear as powerful attacks, but in fact exist to distract and reposition targets so that the Master can deliver a very real and dangerous attack. Only those with exceptional awareness have a hope of avoiding this blow.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and use Fight to create a Leopard Lightning Feint advantage with a +2 bonus; the target uses Notice to Defend. If the character uses invocations on this advantage to Attack this target with a Fight Attack, they provide a +3 bonus instead of the usual +2. For the purposes of this Technique, a mob counts as one target.

Lightning Monkey

Lightning Monkey Form

Lightning Monkey practitioners use their agility and speed to provide alarming attacks and frenetic defense. Each movement flows into another with incredible swiftness. Rolling evasions become quick strikes which transform into spinning blocks and dodges. Rarely occupying one place in a battle, these stylists instead seem to be everywhere at once. Sweeps, slaps, and pushes keep their opponents off balance and distracted, allowing the Lightning Monkey stylist to overwhelm them or escape the fight if necessary.

Secret Technique: Monkey Slaps the Sky

Lightning Monkey masters can deliver an open-handed blow, twisting throw, or quick sweep that lands so quickly it stuns a foe, leaving them open to other more powerful attacks and briefly hindering their ability to mount a proper offense. This attack by itself can rarely end a fight, but it is often the catalyst for shifting the battle to the Lightning Monkey master’s favor. (The effect below is a house rule, as the canonical technique is nearly identical to Lightning Leopard.)

Effect: Spent 1 Fate Point after fully resolving a Fight attack that successfully hits. The attack is now also treated as a Create an Advantage action to inflict the Stunned advantage. You do not reroll; use the same total. Your opponent defends with the lower of Physique or Will. If this secondary effect fails, you get a boost (but not a Form invocation).

Lightning Phoenix

Lightning Phoenix Form

Lightning Phoenix stylists understand that mobility grants opportunity and victory. Using evasion, sweeps, and circular strikes they create new avenues of attack and retreat exploitable by swift strikes and sudden movements. Practitioners rarely commit to all-out attacks, instead focusing on setting the tempo of a conflict until their foe is at their mercy.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Rides the Lightning

Lightning Phoenix masters learn to capitalize on the moment when a foe switches between attack and defense. This allows them to avoid and strike more effectively, using their own speed to stay one step ahead of their opponent. Few can match a Lightning Phoenix master who controls the battlefield.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after you succeed with style on an Athletics or Fight defense. In addition to the normal boost, gain a +1 attack and defense bonus against this opponent for the rest of the scene. This effect may be stacked through multiple uses of this Secret Technique. When applied to mobs, these bonuses affect all members of a mob.

Lightning Serpent

Lightning Serpent Form

There are no faster fighters than the Lightning Serpent practitioner. Favoring speed above all else, stylists train to be fast on attack, fast on defense, and fast to gain and give ground. Jabs and swift kicks are key to wearing down a foe with a flurry of attacks or quickly disabling lesser opponents. The best Lightning Serpent stylists seem to barely move at all except in blurring jerks, so quickly do they strike, dodge, and step.

Secret Technique: Serpent Strikes Like Lightning

The master of Lightning Serpent has the ability to channel his mind and body to deliver a blow so quickly even thoughts cannot beat it. This blow has no flourish or extra motion, everything is a perfect line between attacker and defender at maximum speed.

Effect: After any character’s action in a turn has occurred, spend 1 Fate Point to make a Fight attack with +1 bonus that ignores 2 points of Armor Rating. This attack occurs immediately, regardless of normal turn order.

Lightning Tiger

Lightning Tiger Form

Lightning Tiger practitioners learn that fast movement and powerful attacks dominate a battleground. Mixing quick close attacks and leaping or rushing distance strikes, this style forgoes elaborate defenses in favor of simply outpacing or evading most attacks. Stylists prefer to stay on the offensive, wearing foes down under a barrage of relentless blows.

Secret Technique: Tiger Streaks Through Sky

Lightning Tiger masters find opportunity in the chaotic rush of battle. Where practitioners of other styles often must open up their defenses to leap or run and reestablish footing to properly attack, they have trained to defend themselves if intercepted in mid-leap or adjust their attacks in mid-stride. This awareness also aids them with highly mobile foes, allowing them to catch a swift moving attacker or defender unawares.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point, for the rest of the scene gain a +2 bonus of Fight attacks and +2 bonus on Fight or Athletics defenses any time you act after moving at least 1 zone or your opponent has moved at least 1 zone on their last action. This effect lasts until the end of the scene.

Stone Crane

Stone Crane Form

One of the most defensively solid styles, Stone Crane relies on solid stances and limiting an opponent’s ability to attack. Practitioners use blocks, circular evasion, locks, and pressure point strikes to avoid attacks and hinder opponents. Weaker on attack, Stone Crane stylists wait until the right opening and put an attacker down hard and fast.

Secret Technique: Crane Flies Behind Mountain

Crane Stone masters learn to create solid, nearly impenetrable defenses designed to open an attacker’s defenses without weakening their own. This focus makes direct attacks against them unwise, as they will eventually lead to an attacker’s undoing.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after you succeed on a Fight or Athletics defense with style. In addition to the normal boost or effects from other Techniques, create a Crane Strikes from the Mountain advantage with two free invocations usable to defend against, attack, or hinder your attacker.

Stone Dragon

Stone Dragon Form

Stone Dragon stylists favor power and defense, using a foundation of strong defensive stances and blocks to protect from opponents. On attack, they are careful not to overcommit and use sweeps, low kicks, and short-ranged strikes to avoid giving openings to an opponent. Practitioners endeavor to outlast and overcome opponents instead of crushing them, making locks and grapples popular.

Secret Technique: Dragon Glides Between Peaks

Stone Dragon masters control the battle by keeping their foes unable to effectively attack. They keep contact as close as possible, allowing them to feel and anticipate attacks before they begin, making them easier to avoid and easier to grapple or lock down.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to gain a +2 bonus to defense rolls against all Fight attacks you are aware of and +2 bonus on all attempts to grapple, entangle, or lock down a defender. These bonuses only apply against targets that begin their turn in the same zone as you. This effect lasts for a scene.

Stone Leopard

Stone Leopard Form

Stone Leopard stylists are among the most patient fighters around. Their solid defenses let them wait out most opponents and pick the perfect moment to strike. They are less aggressive on attack than practitioners of other Leopard styles, but balance this with being decisive and ruthless when they do attack. Anyone mistaking a Stone Leopard’s deliberate and economic defenses and movements for lack of speed or skill are in for a painful lesson.

Secret Technique: Leopard Sleeps on the Rocks

Stone Leopard Masters learn to feign slowness and defensive posture so completely that even the savvy and experienced fighter can fall prey to a sudden switch to rapid evasion or attack. The practitioner relies on using a target’s own instincts against them, pushing them into foolish action which results in them aiding their own defeat through misdirected momentum and ineffective offense. Even on defense, a Stone Leopard can be deadly.

Effect: Spend 1 fate point when an opponent fails to Create an Advantage against the character using Fight or Athletics. Instead of the advantage they tried to Create, Create an Overcommitted Advantage with a free invocation instead. The character may spend Overcommitted invocations to grant a +3 bonus and +2 Weapon Rating on Fight Attacks or a +3 bonus and +2 Armor Rating on Fight and Athletics Defend actions until the target Overcomes this advantage. They may Defend against such Overcome an Obstacle attempts with Fight or Athletics with a +1 bonus.

Stone Monkey

Stone Monkey Form

The most static and conservative of the Monkey styles, Stone Monkey practitioners rely on balance and precision to win the day. Thrusting kicks, punches, and claw-like strikes are delivered with solid force that nevertheless does not overcommit the stylist. Straightforward simple evasions and blocks provide a solid defense augmented with well-timed rolls and flips that allow the stylist to move from one solid position to another without exposing themselves to attack. This combination of solid basics and the Monkey’s trademark agility makes them hard to hit and even harder to harm.

Secret Technique: Monkey Sits on the Mountain

Stone Monkey masters have learned to perfectly time their defenses to flow together, creating a solid mix of motion and stillness where the master is never truly vulnerable despite appearances. Like a monkey perched on a high peak, the master is difficult to reach before he scampers away to safety.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to re-roll a failed Fight or Athletics defense roll. Add a +2 bonus and +2 Armor rating to the re-rolled result.

Stone Phoenix

Stone Phoenix Form

Viewing the earthen element of their style as more philosophical and spirituals, Stone Phoenix practitioners are easily the most mobile of the Stone styles. Stylists use retreating movements and circular evasions to add effectiveness to blocks and dodges. High kicks, spinning strikes, and sweeps keep foes at a distance but still within range of the practitioner’s attacks.

Secret Technique: Phoenix Retreats to Cliff

Stone Phoenix masters learn to divert the power of a foe’s attack by moving away from it. They yield ground on the battlefield but in doing so avoid damage and place themselves in a position to recover and reassess. Combined with the mobility of the style as a whole, this is often a very effective tactic.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to gain a +2 bonus on a defense action and move 1 zone away from an attacker. You also gain a +4 bonus to defend against attempts to stop you from leaving the zone. If your defense succeeds with style you may create an advantage with one free invocation based on perspective or superior positioning in addition to gaining a boost.

Stone Serpent

Stone Serpent Form

Stone Serpent stylists stand their ground as much as possible while still slipping and moving to avoid various blows. Attacks are straightforward and quick, with locks, grapples, and disabling strikes being common. This is not to say practitioners do not move in combat, they simple flow from one solid stance to another and only when it is safe to do so. Stone Serpent stylists are cautious, defensive, but highly effective fighters.

Secret Technique: Serpent Retreats to Cave

Stone Serpent masters have cultivated incredibly fast reactions, especially on defense. Even a blow that seems to be on target and devastating can be slipped at the last minute, avoiding or eliminating the impact.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to gain +1 defense and 4 Armor Rating against a Fight or Shoot attack you are aware of. If the defense is a tie, you do not grant a boost to the attacker.

Stone Tiger

Stone Tiger Form

Stone Tiger practitioners meld solid defenses and aggressive attacks into an erratic but effective style. There are few movements in Stone Tiger that are not designed to block a blow or crush an opponent, making it a disconcerting mix of stillness and savagery. Stone Tigers favor strikes that can be easily and effectively delivered following a defense, including low kicks, short-ranged punches and open hand claw strikes.

Secret Technique: Tiger Comes Down From the Mountain

Stone Tiger masters learn to stay on defense and bide their time. Then, without warning, they will launch into a savage all-out attack to catch an opponent off guard and overwhelm his defenses. Few are prepared for this assault, making it very difficult to counter.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to use the shifts from your last Fight or Athletics defense roll as a bonus to your next Fight attack (minimum +3 bonus). This attack also reduces any Armor Rating the defender has by 2.

Storm Crane

Storm Crane Form

One of the most fluid and adaptable of styles, Storm Crane favors soft deflecting defenses mixed with circular redirection of momentum leading to attacks. Practitioners use their superior balance to turn dodges and blocks into sweeping counterblows and use throws and pushes to keep targets at a distance, requiring them to telegraph attacks and open defenses by moving to close with the Storm Crane martial artist.

Secret Technique: Crane Pushes Out the Tide

Storm Crane masters are able to send opponents flying with a soft shove and throw foes many times their size. Using redirected momentum and leverage, they can send targets tumbling to the ground, slamming into walls, or off nearby heights.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after succeeding in a Fight attack or Fight or Athletics defense with style. In addition to the normal boost, throw a target 1 zone in any direction and create a Storm Crane Push advantage with on free invocation to reflect target being off balance and possibly prone. Character can use their boost to throw target 1 additional zone instead of the usual bonus. Being thrown into other zones could cause the target trouble if they go over a great height or into a hard surface (GMs judgment, though target should be allowed to defend).

Storm Dragon

Storm Dragon Form

Practitioners of Storm Dragon Kung Fu devote themselves to balancing attack and defense, persistence and restraint. Flowing, fluid defenses lead into strong kicks and fist techniques and locks, throws, and holds let the Stylist dictate the tempo and range of most battles. Strong in many ways but strongest in none, Storm Dragon relies more on having fewer pronounced weaknesses and many potent elements than a few overwhelming strengths.

Secret Technique: Dragon Conquers the Storm

Storm Dragon masters learn to follow strength with speed, speed with strength. This approach makes them very difficult to overcome should they gain even a brief advantage in combat. Those fighting a Storm Dragon master soon find they are striking, moving, and defending at a pace set by the master and, unless they can break that pattern, have little chance of victory.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point; each time you succeed with style on a Fight attack or Fight or Athletics defense, any boost you receive counts as a +4 bonus instead of the normal +2. This effect lasts for an entire scene.

Storm Leopard

Storm Leopard Form

Storm Leopard stylists are regarded as some of the most balanced fighters—faster than the strong, stronger than the fast, more guarded than the aggressive, and more aggressive than the guarded. They often incorporate considerable movement into their actions, both theirs and their opponents. It might be possible to outdo a Storm Leopard practitioner in some aspect of battle, but this usually just means yielding another advantage to them.

Secret Technique: Leopard Dances in Clouds

Storm Leopard Masters learn to use their own agility and the movement of their opponents to produce a potent edge in combat. They roll, leap, shift, and dodge around their target, striking as they move. Foes are often cut or battered to pieces in a flurry of motion without getting their bearings enough to mount an effective counter-offensive. For the Storm Leopard, attack and defense fuse into a seamless and deadly display.

Effect: Spend 1 fate point and make a Fight or Athletics Defend action against an incoming Attack with a +4 bonus. If the character ties, they gain the boost instead of their attacker. If the character succeeds, they can inflict a shift hit to their attacker equal to the shift gained on their Defend action. If the character succeeds with style, they also add a free invocation to their Storm Leopard Form instead of gaining a boost.

Storm Monkey

Storm Monkey Form

Always in motion, Storm Monkey practitioners strive to be everywhere opponents are not. Rolls, controlled falls, and dodges help the stylist flow around incoming attacks. Punches, kicks, and sweeps are delivered with acrobatic finesse that allows them to come from unpredictable angles. Feints, counterblows, slaps or claws to the face or eyes, and even monkeylike screeches are employed to misdirect and confuse. These methods all combine to transform the stylist into a tempestuous flurry of motion who is very difficult to defeat.

Secret Technique: Monkey Grasps the Clouds

Storm Monkey masters have perfected the art of the feint and sudden misdirection. They attack with screeching fury and impressive acrobatic prowess only to redirect their attack at the last minute, moving to intercept their opponent as they move away from the false attack. This puts the master in control of both himself and his opponent’s movements, if only for a few vital moments.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after failing with a Fight-based attack to instead re-roll with a +2 bonus. Apply the second result as a Create an Advantage action to create a Storm Monkey Feint advantage instead of the original attack.

Storm Phoenix

Storm Phoenix Form

Often seen as a feminine style even among the Phoenix styles for its grace and reliance on maneuverability, Storm Phoenix stylists are nevertheless found among men, women, and eunuchs. Acrobatic strikes and dodges flow into low sweeps and quick counters to create a fluid style with its own unique rhythm. Practitioners rarely stand still, instead using movement to enhance attack and defense, as well as luring opponents into making crucial errors.

Secret Technique: Clouds Embrace the Phoenix

Storm Phoenix masters learn to use motion itself as both shield and weapon. Complex acrobatics and swift movement across the battlefield grant power to the master’s attack and grace to their defense.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point to add +1 Weapon Rating and +1 Armor Rating to all Fight attacks and defenses. If you or your opponent moves at least 1 zone on their last action, increase these bonuses to +3. This effect lasts for an entire scene.

Storm Serpent

Storm Serpent Form

Storm Serpent style users prize flexibility and speed over all. Using swift strikes, twisting locks, and nerve strikes they seek to slow opponents to better exploit their weaknesses. Practitioners are cautious not to overcommit on attacks and rely on evasion more than blocking incoming attacks. A Storm Serpent fighter does not strike until he is ready, when he does, he does so with alarming effectiveness.

Secret Technique: Serpent Moves Like Rain

Masters of Storm Serpent Kung Fu learn to stay close to their opponents, sensing the ebb and flow of attacks before they begin. This allows them to set up a foe for a disabling attack delivered at precisely the right moment.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point after succeeding with style on a Full Defense action using Fight or Athletics. Inflict shifts on your attacker equal to shifts earned on defense plus 2 instead of gaining a boost.

Storm Tiger

Storm Tiger Form

Storm Tiger practitioners learn to direct and employ force and energy against their foes in a number of ways to keep them off balance and operating at diminished strength. Pushes, nerve strikes, disabling claw hand strikes, sweeps, and twisting joint locks allow the Storm Tiger stylists to strike at their opponents’ willingness and ability to fight. Mixing hard blocks with flowing movements allows them to absorb powerful attacks without yielding ground.

Secret Technique: Tiger Roars like Thunder

Storm Tiger masters learn to cultivate their internal energies and release them in powerful bursts of energy that disorient and disable opponents. The most common method is a great roaring shout or clawing strike to various pressure points, though different masters develop other maneuvers to channel these energies as well.

Effect: Spend 1 Fate Point and use Chi to create a Thundering Tiger advantage with a +4 bonus to the roll that disorients or disables your opponent. If you follow this immediately with a Fight attack against the same opponent on your next action, you may invoke this advantage once without using up a free invocation.

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