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Veteran o'the Weird West

The cost-to-benefit ratio of this Edge is quite unbalanced, to the point where we've had players say they felt like they had to take it lest they feel outshined by those who did. So it's not an Edge anymore.

  • Veteran o'the Weird West is now an option that any player may elect during character creation.
  • If they do, they must draw a card from the deck, gaining the effect on p. 91.
    • Exception: If the player draws a Joker, the GM will draw another card and implement its effects in secret (if possible), trying to maintain the mystery for as long as possible. This means the "Joker" results from p. 91 are possible only if both the player and then the GM draw a Joker.
  • In return, the starting character may take one Edge which can be up to one Rank higher than theirs; e.g., in a Novice game, it could be a Novice or Seasoned Edge. It also ignores all Attribute and Skill prerequisites, but not other requirements (like Edges).