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Storm Knights Notes

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A collection of people, places, and things that were important in some way.

Spoiler Warning: Many of these are from official adventures.


  • Ahmed and Anit: Two Nile Empire thugs for hire who were rather down to earth.
  • Mjr. Andre Sharpe: Military leader at Lincoln University.
  • The Archaeologen: Tomb raiding pulp villain. Knows Slaan. Escaped to return another day.
  • Aspers: Tailor. Information broker in the Nile Empire. Don't trust him.
  • Captain Amnesia: A pulp hero who bears a certain resemblance to Cpt. Aster.
  • Crouching Latken: A reality-rated edeinos, infected by Magnolia/Honoki.
  • Dark Branch: Edeinos love interest for Baptiste. Staying in the Living Land.
  • Daybasker: Gold-sun edeinos whose clan helped the party save Lincoln University.
  • The Electrostatic Avenger: Egotistical electrical pulp villain who was fooled by the heroes into leaving his post.
  • "Ghost" Burton: Delphi Council intelligence director. Terse and matter-of-fact.
  • Dr. Hachi Mara One: Mysterious woman working for Magnolia Research and/or Kanawa Corp.
  • "Maurice Gagnon:" A spy who had infiltrated Honoki Biomedical. Probably not his real name.
  • Professor Hawkman: Campus leader at Lincoln University. Expert on burial mounds which turned out to be evidence of Akashans visiting Earth long ago.
  • Rebecca Haisley: Civilian leader at Lincoln University.
  • Redner: Seaplane pilot. Hard of hearing.
  • Rex Steele: Courier pilot for the Delphi Council. From Nile Empire.


  • Akashans: A technologically advanced race who fled into the void between cosms to escape "the Doom." The Aysle elves helped them create their hybrid tree/ship Lifeboats to do so, but to save themselves they then betrayed them to the Dark One (whose master, the Gaunt Man, twisted their Lifeboats into Nightmare Trees).
  • Diogenes Club: Victorian secret society which Cpt. Aster also reports to. His contacts are Major Stewart, Lord Aster, and General Marshall.
  • Magnolia Research: An investment firm originally based out of Atlanta, now Kobe, Japan. Likely a High Lord front, possibly tied to Kanawa Corp. Owns Honoki Biomedical and financed their experiments at the Toronto campus.


  • Lifeboat Temple: Found in a wonder in the Living Land, full of "zom-beetles." Told tale of elves betraying the Akashans.
  • Lincoln University: Was a hardpoint inside the Living Land, now exists just outside it.
  • The Observatory: Tree-like structure atop Niagara Falls. (???)
  • University of Toronto: Leased to Magnolia Research, used (as Honoki Biomedical) for infection experimentation.


  • Amenhotep's Scarab: Core Earth eternity shard with regenerative properties, found in Cairo, Nile Empire.
  • Commtrol: Psionic artifact. A golden tiara that gave control over the Lifeboat Temple.
  • Stake of Warning: Orrorsh eternity hard that aids defense. Found in Lifeboat Temple, and tied to it somehow.

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