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Savage Rifts Wild Druid

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Wild Druid

You've embraced the savage strength of Nature and rejected the false idol of technology, which pollutes the landscape and destroys the environment. This makes you a surprisingly strong threat -- city dwellers underestimate how much of the world remains untamed wilderness! Some Wild Druids live up to the first part of their name, with Hindrances like Delusion, Outsider, and Poverty, but you're just as likely to work within "civilized" society, doing your part to enlighten others and keep an ear out for threats to Mother Nature.

Hero's Journey: Five Rolls

Wild Druids get three rolls on any of the following tables: Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets, Experience & Wisdom, Magic & Mysticism, or Training. They also get two additional rolls on any table except for Cybernetics or Psionics.

Nature Versus Technology

Wild Druids have Arcane Background (Miracles) and use the Faith skill to cast spells; most do not worship Nature as a literal god(dess), but instead revere it as a primal force. They have access to the same spell list as the Mystic (note that this list includes Divination), and to all trappings except for Fire (though Heat is still allowed) and Necromantic.

In addition to empowering their spells, Nature protects the Wild Druids against its enemy -- or, at least, arch-rival -- technology. Electronic and mechanical attacks are unusually likely to suffer catastrophic failure against a Druid. (However, unlike the Cyber-Knights, tech attacks are not penalized in any way; Nature cannot blunt an attack, but can ensure that failures are worsened.) And with a bit of concentration, a Druid can weaponize this power, shutting down such devices through sheer force of will.

Wild Druid Abilities and Bonuses

Nature grants a Wild Druid many unique advantages:

  • Natural Magician: Wild Druids begin with Arcane Background (Miracles), four powers from the Mystic spell/miracle list, 15 PPE, the Rapid Recharge Edge, and a d8 Faith skill.
  • Outdoorsy: A Wild Druid starts with the Beast Master and Woodsman Edges, plus a d8 in both Survival and Tracking skills.
  • Elemental Adaptation: Natural hazards, from weather to forest fires, pose no threat to a Wild Druid. She ignores extreme cold and heat, is unaffected by weather and wind, and can even walk through small fires unharmed. Weaponized versions of these (like spells or an actual lightning strike) can still hurt her, but she has +4 to resist and +4 Toughness against any attack based on cold, electricity, fire, heat (including plasma weapons), or wind. In addition, she ignores the effect of natural, outdoor difficult terrain.
  • Solar Replenishment: While underneath direct sunlight and wearing nothing more than light clothing, a Wild Druid makes one natural healing roll per hour.
  • Bane of Technology: Any mechanical or electronic device used to target the Wild Druid with a hostile effect fails and suffers technical difficulties if the skill die rolls a 1 or 2, regardless of the wild die! Bennies may be spent to reroll this result, but not to avoid it via extra effort. It's up to the GM what counts as hostile, but area-effect attacks that include the druid always do. (See below for the downside to this ability.) In addition, the Wild Druid may use this ability actively; treat this as the Cyberkinetic Denial Edge (TLPG, p. 68), but using Faith instead of Psionics. Neither ability affects Techno-Wizard devices, however, as their magical natures offset their technological origins.

See also Savage Rifts New Edges for new iconic edges.

Wild Druid Complications

Not everything is easy when you serve the Earth, of course:

  • Druidic Code: A Wild Druid must respect and revere Nature. This means opposing anyone who would destroy the environment (in serious ways -- he doesn't have to attack litterbugs), preventing unnecessary collateral damage in a natural environment (particularly dangerously uncontrolled forest fires!), and avoiding violent conflict with natural animals except where necessary. The GM must let the player know beforehand whether his considered action would be a minor sin (-2 to Faith for a week), major sin (spellcasting lost for a week), or mortal sin (spellcasting lost until a penance quest is completed).
  • Bane of Technology: When the Wild Druid is using any electronic or mechanical device, it suffers technical difficulties if her skill die rolls a 1 or 2, regardless of the wild die! She is also at -2 to all Repair rolls. As above, this does not apply to Techno-Wizard devices, which may be used and even repaired safely. (If the Wild Druid takes the All-Thumbs Hindrance, it applies normally to TW devices and jumps to 1-3 with other devices!)
  • Cybernetics: A Wild Druid suffers -1 to all Faith rolls per point of Strain -- and all cybernetics are subject to the Bane of Technology issue! So, while they're not strictly prohibited, they're a terrible idea.
  • Enemies: The Coalition States hate all spellcasters but really have it in for Wild Druids, who oppose the CS' only real advantage (technology). They have a standing shoot-on-sight order for every Druid, and offer bounties for their capture. The True Federation of Magic welcomes Wild Druids as loyal subjects, but those who do not comply are to be destroyed.

Wild Druid Starting Gear

Adventure Survival Armor, TK Revolver (with one minor upgrade), NG-S2 Survival Pack, and 2d4 x 1,000 credits. In the Survival Pack, all electronic devices are upgraded to Techno-Wizard devices (no PPE is required to use them, just an Arcane Background); the first-aid kit and firestarter are low-tech enough to not be an issue.

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