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Savage Rifts Pregens

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These are six starting Savage Rifts characters that I created for running one-shots at conventions and similar events. It's a fun mix that shows off the range of the SWADE edition:

  • Two humans, two mutants, and two D-Bees
  • Three "classic" characters (from the TLPG) and three from the new books (one apiece)
  • A fairly diverse range of motivations, ages, and attitudes (with gender-neutral names, though the art is what it is)

Each character includes some "build notes" that you can print on the back of the character sheet if desired. These are for experienced Savage Worlders who are curious about how everything adds up; newbies can just stick to the front.

Remy LeBlanc

A Human Glitter Boy pilot from Free Quebec (in a T-550 instead of a G-10). Arrogant, cybered-up, social, and technically inclined.

Malik Morgan

A Human Dragon Juicer "superhero" almost out of Burn. Heavy gunner who uses their scarred appearance to intimidate the baddies.

Sergeant Scruffy

A Dog Boy (or Dog Girl) Commando with incredibly broad training. Honorable, tactical, alert, and great at supporting teammates.

Sovereign Bahz N’rir’lo’s’s

A Psi-X Crazy, heavily focused on psionics (lots of different powers) and melee. Thinks themselves visiting royalty from the moon.

Bellen Blackforge

A Dwarf Techno-Wizard, but a nerdy, curious teen instead of a gruff adult. Cyber-enhanced tech skills and tons of cool TW gear.

Elder Tiatha

An Elf Rose Knight (and Gateway Knight) capable in melee despite being centuries old, but primarily a blaster and support caster.

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