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Savage Rifts Errata And Clarification

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Official Errata and Clarifications

For the books updated March 6, 2020


  • Anyone with Strength d12+1 or higher deals Mega Damage via Strength-based attacks. (New ruling.)
  • The Combat Cyborg's Adrenal System should have a *.
  • The Dragon Hatchling has several; see Savage Rifts Dragon Hatchlings.
  • The Intelligent Construct's weapons and features are repaired using the same rules as repairing the Construct itself, including Obscure Construction penalties.
  • An Intelligent Construct with Transferred Intelligence can also take Arcane Background (Gifted).
  • The Juicer's burn die cannot ace (explode) and cannot be rerolled via Bennies.
  • The Mind Melters' inherent detect arcana power has the Range (Self) limitation but not the Aspect limitation, since they possess the Conceal Arcana ability as well. Conversely, the Mystic has detect arcana but not conceal arcana and thus does have the Aspect limitation.
  • The Psi-Operator uses the Techno-Wizard power list (not the Psionics list) when using the Gadgeteer Edge.
  • The Psi-Warrior has boost Trait*, not boost/lower Trait*.
  • Ability bonuses from the Commando, Gunslinger, and RCSG Scientist packages do not adjust trait maximums.
  • Regarding NPCs, techno-wizards are more common than all other types of magicians combined.


  • Adept: This should say, "...the adept may choose one power to become activatable as an Innate Ability with the Range (Self) limitation." It adds a new way to activate the power, without limiting the base power in any way.
  • Blaster: These Edges do not affect the damage boost on a raise; it's always a flat +1d6.
  • Conjurer: This requires a successful Spellcasting roll to use. When conjuring an item, a raise significantly improves its quality (GM call). For animals, use the Shape Change (power) table to gauge what Size animal can be conjured.
    • Alternatively, if the player is willing to put in the time, they can instead build the animals per Free Summoning (SWADE World Builder's Guide, p. 95).
  • Diabolist: The Heroic and Legendary lines got switched.
  • Gadgeteer: Regardless of who has this and why, gadgets use the Techno-Wizard power list.
  • Minor/Major Item Creation: These let you create enchanted items (a.k.a. magic items). These are different from TW devices, notably in that anyone can use them (no Arcane Background required) and that you don't have to be a Techno-Wizard to make them, as long as you have the edge. A few extra clarifications:
    • The time required includes the crafter creating the item itself: forging the sword, scrimshawing the skull, etc.
    • The item cannot be mechanical (not even "low-tech" like a crossbow); the sidebar on A&M p. 48 is aimed at the GM, not PC enchanters.
  • One With Magic (Heroic): The mage must know the power already. Maintenance is not free. For a leveled power (e.g., Summon Ally), only the first level is free; pay the difference to use higher levels.
  • Strong-Willed: The bonus applies to Corruption Tests.


  • Obese grants Toughness +1 but not Size +1.


  • Add detect/conceal arcana to both the Ley Line Walker's and Mind Melter's power lists. (It's redundant for those characters, but not for others who get access to these lists.)
  • The Mystic's limitations for Resurrection (TLPG, p. 50) apply to any PC able to learn that power. In brief, it ignores Born a Hero and must be done as a ritual. (The GM may introduce NPCs, artifacts, scrolls, etc. that break this rule.)
  • If a racial power isn't tied to a specific AB (like a Psi-Ghost's Intangibility), treat it as Gifted for the purpose of Dispel, etc.
  • Maintaining an active power prevents PP recovery, but it's up to the GM whether that applies in edge cases. In general, powers sustained via psionic Meditation require active focus (preventing PP recovery), while powers sustained via magical Ritual or Techno-Wizard/Weird-Science devices do not.
  • Extended duration from a Meditation or Ritual cannot be extended via maintenance; e.g., if you Boost Strength for a week, and then spend 1 PP to maintain it, you only get the usual 5 extra rounds (not another week).

Gear (Mundane)

  • NG-11F Red Hawk's wing Mini-Missiles have Shots 12.
  • NG-XF103 Firefighter should have Pace 14 + d10 (80 MPH).
  • T-11 Enhanced Heavy EBA's "+2 Strength" should be "+2d Strength"; it improves your Strength by two die types.
  • Viggo's Custom Firearms are considered "modern firearms" (like those from the core SWADE book) and use the same type of ammo.
  • The Man-Portable Flood Light has a Cone template, not SBT.
  • Power armor is treated like a person on a tabletop mat (using Pace) but a vehicle when moving full speed off a map (using MPH).
  • Stun weapons are resisted at +4 by someone in EBA and useless against someone in power armor or a vehicle.
  • Weapons mounted on power armor are treated as vehicular weapons, and thus ignore Recoil and Snapfire. Handheld weapons customized for the suit get the same benefit, but not random guns that the armor-wearer picks up.
  • The "two e-clips per gun" in Standard Starting Gear are in addition to the one e-clip that most guns come with.
  • Grenade/rocket launchers come with one load (=Shots) of ammo. The mix is determined by the player and GM.

Gear (TW)

  • Arzno TWA-1250RB Raging Bull's protection power can and must be cast with the Toughness modifier.
  • The TW Lightning Gun's protection power costs 2 PP to cast.
  • Remember that TW items must be technological gear, not simple necklaces or rings. They are subject to Technological Difficulties.
  • Normally, PPE reserves on TW/magic items are limited to powering the item's powers/abilities. However, a TW device with nothing but a PPE reserve, or a magic item with a PPE reserve with no powers, is a "PPE battery" whose power points can be tapped for things like casting personal spells/miracles.
  • When using a TW device or magic item's embedded power, you may choose whether to roll an arcane skill or your Spirit. The arcane skill is penalized by Strain; the Spirit roll is not.
    • Exception: A TW item activated by (e.g.) Fighting must use that skill. The attack roll is the power activation roll, which means the arcane TN is based on Parry, affected by Dodge, etc.

Armor Stacking

  • You may stack the Armor and Toughness bonus from natural armor (which includes cybernetic Armor Plating) and one suit of worn armor. In addition, if you are in a vehicle (including a robot vehicle), apply its Armor bonus as well.
  • Body armor and power armor are both "worn armor," so they don't stack. In fact, you usually can't wear anything more than light clothing in power armor.
  • The Armor bonus from standard and M.D.C. armor do not stack with each other! If you have a mix of both, calculate both values and use whichever gives you the best results for each attack. (Toughness bonuses don't care about their source; they always stack.)

Monsters and NPCs

  • The "unlimited PPE" of Faerie Folk is a special rule only for their own spellcasting. Because they don't have a PPE value listed, using drain Power Points or siphoning PPE only gets (4 + Size) PPE. ("Faerie batteries" exist, but require special sadistic rituals and/or equipment which tortures the PPE out of them.)

A Simple Guide to Mega-Damage:

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