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Savage Pathfinder Multi-Classing

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If you're at all confused about how "multi-classing" works in Savage Pathfinder, let's spell it out step by step, in plain English.

First, the basic rules:

  • You start with a Class Edge (during character creation, at Novice).
  • Starting at Seasoned, you may "multi-class" once per new Rank. This means you may either start a new Class or start a new Prestige Class.

Starting a New Class means to take a core Class Edge like Bard, Cleric, or Fighter. This does not refer to taking "class improvement" Edges like Inspire Heroics or Countersong; those may be added as often as you wish.

Starting a New Prestige Class means to take a Prestige Edge with no number by it, like Arcane Archer or Duelist. This does not refer to improving that path with Edges like Arcane Archer II or Arcane Archer III; those may be added as often as you wish.

In other words, you're only "multi-classing" when you add the first Edge of a "class path" or "prestige class path." You're not multi-classing when you take an Edge that improves a class or prestige class which you've already started.


Your Fighter just became Seasoned. You eventually want her to be a Duelist and Rogue, but she can't do both this Rank (it's impossible to be a Fighter-Duelist-Rogue before Veteran). So you take Duelist as your first Seasoned advance, which counts as multi-classing.

Your next two Seasoned advances could then be Deadly Blow and Duelist II, because neither of those are considered multi-classing. They're just improving the classes you already have (Fighter and Duelist).

New Arcane Backgrounds

Multi-classing to a new Arcane Background grants you a free d4 in that arcane skill. This helps to balance the fact that you don't get another pool of PP to use and that class-based Edges like Favored Powers apply only to spells from that class.

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