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Savage Pathfinder House Rules

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Even the best game requires both after-the-fact clarification from the designers, and a bit of tweaking for individual game groups. What follows is both.

Official Errata and Clarifications

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House Rules


Player characters don't pick an alignment and NPC alignments are nothing but a roleplaying suggestion. Spells and abilities which affect or detect "Good" and "Evil" only work on Supernatural Good and Supernatural Evil (e.g., demons or undead). When it comes to humans and such, even the wickedest murderer won't detect as "Evil" unless she's possessed by a demon, empowered directly by an Evil god, etc.


If a druid already has the shape change power and then takes the Wild Shape edge, they choose any one Novice druid power to gain. (This way they aren't punished for taking shape change early.)

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