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Savage Rifts: S.A.T.U.R.N. Option

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(Credit: dentris)

Most races have a modest collection of abilities, and can be paired with (almost) any framework or package. And a few races (like dragon hatchlings) are so powerful that they're an Iconic Framework all on their own. However, there is a middle ground — an unusually powerful race which isn't quite at the level of "this needs to be built as its own framework."

This is a S.A.T.U.R.N. (Superior Alien, Tribe, Unique Race, or Nonhuman) Option, a race built with 16 points rather than the usual 2. Once you've chosen such a high-powered race, there are two ways to turn it into a full Savage Rifts Iconic Framework:

Option One: Personal Development

This lets you focus on individual choices and starts you with a more experienced hero. After choosing your race, follow these steps:

  1. Make two rolls on the Fortune & Glory table.
  2. Make three rolls on any Hero's Journey table(s).
  3. After building your hero, take four advances; you begin as a Seasoned character.
  4. Begin with standard Starting Gear.

Option Two: M.A.R.S. Package

Has your hero undergone a specific type of training, either professionally or informally? After choosing your race, follow these steps:

  1. Do not make any Fortune & Glory rolls!
  2. Make three rolls on any Hero's Journey table(s).
  3. Add everything listed for any one M.A.R.S. package.
  4. Build your hero normally; you start with zero advances, as a Novice character.

If the M.A.R.S. package includes an Arcane Background that you already have, treat it as the New Powers Edge instead. Traits stack (unless that would violate a maximum). If anything else overlaps, work with the GM to find a fair substitute.

Sample S.A.T.U.R.N. Races

A S.A.T.U.R.N. race is built with a net 16 points of positive racial abilities, rather than the usual 2 points. For player-proposed new races, the GM and player should collaborate to build it.


Inspired by Rifts Conversion Book 2: Pantheons of the Megaverse

Devas are an example of "godlings," representations of divine essence given physical form. Extremely rare, they are individuals (not a true race or community) who trust their inner self to make their own path in life. Not all consider themselves superior to "mundane" folks, though it's hard to argue with the ones who do. Physically, they cut an imposing figure with four arms and three faces, a combination that allows them to take multiple actions, remain awake indefinitely (one face can sleep while the others remain awake), and avoid being sneaked up on.

  • Inner Strength and Grace: The Deva is Size +1 (and thus Toughness +1), and starts with Agility and Spirit at d6 (max d12+1). [+5]
  • Four Arms: The Deva is Ambidextrous and ignores two points of Multi-Action Penalties each turn. [+5]
  • Three Faces: The Deva can go indefinitely without sleeping, has 360° awareness, and flawlessly sees through all obscurement (fog, darkness, even invisibility). [+9]
  • Obvious D-Bee: Reactions to the Deva start at Unfriendly (Hostile for xenophobes). They cannot wear human armor or clothing (it must be tailor-made for double cost), or use most power armor. [-3]


Converted from Rifts Conversion Book 1

At 13-15' tall and weighing about two tons, these massive giants are actually on the smaller side compared to their brethren like the Cyclops and Jotan. They are champions of justice, wandering the land to fight evil and right wrongs. They used to be allies of the Elves until the latter's xenophobic tendencies drove a wedge between them. Their reputation as heroes helps offset their threatening size, but most folks are still terrified of any giants and will react accordingly.

  • Giant Strength: Titans start with Strength d12 (no maximum) and Vigor d6 (maximum d12+1). [+10] Their punch does Str+d6 damage and counts as being armed; treat this as Claws for rules purposes. [+3]
  • Keen Senses: Titans have Low-Light Vision (ignoring Dim and Dark penalties) and get +1 on all Notice rolls. [+2]
  • Large: Size +4 (and thus Toughness +4). Attacks made against a Titan get +2 to hit. The giants have Reach 1 and take no penalty to attack Normal or Small targets (they have the Swat ability). Titans can take one additional Wound before becoming Incapacitated. [+4]
  • Long Legs: Titans have Pace 8 with a d8 run die. [+2]
  • Oversized D-Bee: Reactions start at Unfriendly, or Hostile from xenophobes. [-2] Checks to use Healing or cybernetics on them are at -2. [-1] They are at -2 to use Normal-scale gear and cannot wear Normal-scale armor or clothing; custom gear costs and weighs 10× normal.
  • Noble: Titans have the Heroic Hindrance. [-2]

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