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Forces and Characteristics

Determine and distribute Forces normally, minimum 1 Force of each type unless stated otherwise. Celestials get 9 Forces. Soldiers and mummies get 6 (min. 2 Corporeal). Humans get 5. Remnants get 5 (0 Celestial). And so on.

Every characteristic starts at 4. Each Force gives you a total of +2 to improve the two associated characteristics. No characteristic can exceed 10 (+6). Example: Sade has 2 Corporeal Forces, which gives her a total of +4 to improve Strength and Agility; she assigns +1 to Strength (Strength 5) and +3 to Agility (Agility 7).

While it's legal to pump up just one characteristic, a balanced approach works much better for anyone who'll be focusing on songs; see below.

Character Points (CP)

Everyone starts with 8 + (total Forces x 4) character points to spend on the resources below.

In a mixed game, it may just be accepted that certain character types will be weaker than others. However, if the GM thinks this is unfair, he can give the weaker people an extra 8 CP per difference in Forces. Example: If one PC is a 9-Force celestial and another is a 6-Force soldier, the celestial gets 8 + (9 x 4) = 44 CP and the soldier would normally get 8 + (6 x 4) = 32 CP, but the GM adds another 24 CP (3 Forces difference x 8) for a total of 56 CP.

If you start with any Discord, you receive 3 extra CP per Discord level.


For simplicity, even resources which are unchanged appear below.

Raising Characteristics or Forces

These can only be raised after the game starts, not with starting CP.

+1 to a characteristic costs 5 CP. Every two raises within a given Realm raises that Force by +1. For example, any of +2 Strength, +2 Agility, or +1 Strength and +1 Agility will also give +1 to Corporeal Forces. Your Superior does not automatically know about any of this!

+1 to a Force costs 9 CP, and lets you raise the associated characteristics by two levels, but this must be paid all at once and must be bestowed by your Superior, which means you cannot choose this option if you're currently disfavored.


A choir/band attunement costs 5 CP. A servitor attunement costs 10 CP. After character creation, attunements require the Superior's permission to buy; they are also often given out as rewards.


Skills cost 1 CP per level, up to a maximum of level 6. The skill list has been streamlined considerably; see In Nomine Skills.

Most skills default at -2 for celestials or no penalty for humans. There are a few exceptions: Enchantment has no default, Fighting (Unarmed) defaults at no penalty, and most Knowledge skills default at -4 (or worse).


Songs cost 1 CP per level, up to a maximum of level 6.

To use a song, roll against the lower of your two characteristics within the appropriate Realm plus the song's level. For example, if you have Strength 8 and Agility 4, you'd roll against Agility + Song Level to perform a Corporeal song.

Numinous Corpus: These add to the damage done by your normal unarmed attack, which means that their Power is effectively increased by your Corporeal Forces. "Heavenly" versions of Numinous Corpus exist: Acid becomes Holy Water; Claws and Feet become Smiting Fists or Feet (which glow); Horns become a Halo; Tongue becomes Tongue of Fire; and a Tail or Wings can be feathery or furry instead of scaly. All stats remain the same, only the appearance differs.

Vessels, Toughness, and Appearance

Celestials (aside from Kyriotates and Shedim) require vessels, which cost 3 CP per level (maximum level 6). The vessel's level is its inherent Toughness. (Kyriotates and Shedim have Toughness equal to their host's Corporeal Forces.)

Each vessel may also have a especially pleasing or hideous appearance (up to +3 or down to -2), which modifies all reaction rolls and social skill rolls. This doesn't necessarily mean the vessel is attractive; an imposing frame or the demeanor of an elderly priest would qualify as well. Positive Appearance costs 2 CP/level; negative refunds 2 CP/level. Alternatively, some or all of that Appearance may be Sex Appeal, which restricts it to just half of the populace and is worth 1 CP/level. Appearance cannot reduce the cost of a vessel below 1 CP.

Mortals have just the one body, so they do not (and cannot) buy Vessels. Instead, they can buy 1-2 levels of innate Toughness for 4 CP/level (a bit pricier than for celestials) and take Appearance from -2 to +3 for the usual 2 CP/level.

Anyone may also buy Ethereal Toughness and/or Celestial Toughness, for 4 CP/level (maximum level 6 for celestials, 2 for humans), though Ethereal and Celestial combat is much less common. This is always innate, never tied to a vessel.

Your Body Hits = Total Forces + Corporeal Forces + Strength + (Toughness x 5). You fall unconscious at 0 HP and die at negative HP equal to Corporeal Forces + Strength + Toughness. For other realms, substitute the appropriate Forces and Strength becomes Intelligence or Will. See In Nomine Gameplay for more.

Roles and Status

Only celestials need or can have roles. Choose your role's Status (1-6), which affects reaction rolls, social skill rolls, societal opportunities, and financial resources. Cost is (Status x Role Level)/2 CP, rounded up.

In general, a Status 3-4 role should be at least level 2, while a Status 5-6 role should be at least level 3.

A role grants Knowledge (Role) skill equal to its level. In addition, when you take an action which would cause disturbance but that fits within your role, you may roll against Corporeal Forces + Role Level. Success means there is no disturbance from this action. Failure still reduces the disturbance level by the role's level, up to halving it at most.

Mortals start with Status 1 and may increase this to a maximum of Status 6 for 2 CP per +1.


As artifacts are by far the most complex resources in the game, they have detailed rules for costs. See In Nomine Artifacts.


Servants cost (Class x Level)/2 CP, rounded up. See In Nomine (p. 45) for details.


You start with your Superior's basic Rites. If your backstory justifies it, you may start with other Rites for 3 CP each. Once the game starts, additional Rites are generally awarded by a Superior or Word-Bound, not acquired with CP.

Distinctions and Words

These can only be awarded, never purchased!

Other Changes

See also In Nomine Resonances and Attunements for important changes that may affect decisions you make during character creation.

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