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AVAILABLE: Arcane Protection, Beast Friend, Burrow, Confusion, Damage Field, Darksight, Deflection, Divination, Entangle, Farsight, Fly, Havoc, Illusion, Intangibility, Light/Darkness, Relief, Sloth/Speed, Sound/Silence, Speak Language, Stun, Telekinesis, Wall Walker, Warrior’s Gift, Zombie

Air + Earth = Lightning Powers: x Synergy: x

Air + Fire = Concussion Powers: x Synergy: x

Air + Water = Ice Powers: x Synergy: x

Earth + Fire = Magma Powers: x Synergy: x

Earth + Water = Decay Powers: x Synergy: x

Fire + Water = Steam Powers: x Synergy: x

Other means: elemental manipulation and environmental protection (harmony), banish, blind, boost/lower Trait, detect/conceal arcana, disguise, dispel, drain Power Points, empathy, fear, growth/shrink, healing, invisibility, mind link, mind reading, mind wipe, object reading, puppet, resurrection, shape change, slumber, and teleport (warlock)

Air: barrier, blast, bolt, burst, deflection*, farsight*, havoc*, protection, smite, sound/silence*, and summon ally.

Earth: barrier, beast friend*, blast, bolt, burrow*, burst, entangle*, protection, smite, summon ally, and wall walker*.

Fire: barrier, blast, bolt, burst, damage field*, darksight*, light/darkness*, protection, smite, and summon ally.

Water: barrier, blast, bolt, burst, confusion*, intangibility*, protection, smite, summon ally, and warrior’s gift*.

Air/Earth: Gain access to the lightning fusion Trapping and these powers: arcane protection, flight, sloth/ speed and telekinesis.

Fire/Water: Gain access to the steam fusion Trapping and these powers: arcane protection, divination, illusion, relief, and stun.

Fusion Synergy: Powers activated using the fusion Trapping gain a free reroll on all related Trait checks. Gain a bonus damage die to bolt, burst, blast, and damage field, as well as a +2 Toughness bonus to barrier, entangle, and protection.


  • Arcane Protection N 1 Sm 5 Enemy casters subtract 2 (4 with a raise) when targeting this character; reduces damage a like amount.
  • Banish V 3 Sm I Opposed roll vs Spirit to banish entities.
  • Barrier S 2 Sm 5 Creates 5″ (10 yards) long, 1″ (2 yards) tall,Hardness 10 barrier.
  • Beast Friend N S Sm 10m Controls animals.
  • Blast S 3 Sm×2 I 2d6 damage in Medium Blast Template.
  • Blind N 2 Sm I Inflicts –2/–4 penalty to victims.
  • Bolt N 1 Sm×2 I 2d6 ranged attack.
  • Boost/Lower Trait N 2 Sm 5/I Increases or decreases a skill or attribute.
  • Burrow N 2 Sm 5 Target tunnels through the earth.
  • Burst N 2 Cone I Cone-shaped attack for 2d6 damage.
  • Confusion N 1 Sm S Makes target Distracted and Vulnerable.
  • Damage Field S 4 Sm 5 Creates aura that causes 2d4 damage.
  • Darksight N 1 Sm 1H Ignore up to 4 points of illumination penalties,or 6 with a raise.
  • Deflection N 3 Sm 5 −2/–4 to attack recipient.
  • Detect/Conceal Arcana N 2 Sm S Detects magic for Duration 5 or conceals itfor one hour.
  • Disguise S 2 Sm 10m Target looks like someone else.
  • Dispel S 1 Sm I Negates magical effects.
  • Divination H 5 Self 5m Caster asks questions of entities.
  • Drain Power Points V 2 Sm I Drains d6 Power Points from enemy withsuccessful opposed roll of arcane skills.
  • Elemental Manipulation N 1 Sm 5 Allows minor manipulation of basic elements.
  • Empathy N 1 Sm 5 Opposed roll vs Spirit to add +2 to socialattacks for the Duration of the power.
  • Entangle N 2 Sm I Bind or Entangle foes.
  • Environmental Protection N 2 Sm 1H Protect target from hazardous environments.
  • Farsight S 2 Sm 5 See detail at great distance; halves Rangepenalties with a raise.
  • Fear N 2 Sm I Causes Fear check.
  • Fly V 3 Sm 5 Target flies at Pace 12″.
  • Growth/Shrink S S Sm 5 Increases or decreases Size.
  • Havoc N 2 Sm I Targets in MBT or Cone are Distracted and may be hurled.
  • Healing N 3 T I Restores Wounds less than an hour old.
  • Illusion N 3 Sm 5 Creates imaginary images.
  • Intangibility H 5 Sm 5 Target becomes incorporeal.
  • Invisibility S 5 Sm 5 Target is invisible (–4/–6 to affect).
  • Light/Darkness N 2 Sm 10m Creates or dispels illumination.
  • Mind Link N 1 Sm 30m Mental link within one mile (5 with raise).
  • Mind Reading N 2 Sm I Opposed roll vs Smarts to read mind.
  • Mind Wipe V 3 Sm I Removes and alters memories.
  • Object Reading S 2 T S Reveals last five years of an object’s history (100 years with a raise).
  • Protection N 1 Sm 5 Grants Armor +2/+4.
  • Puppet V 3 Sm 5 Opposed roll vs Spirit to control target.
  • Relief N 1 Sm I Removes Fatigue, Shaken; & Stun with raise.
  • Resurrection H 30 T I Brings the dead back to life.
  • Shape Change N Special Self 5 Caster takes on the form of various beings.
  • Sloth/Speed S 2 Sm I/5 Increases or decreases movement.
  • Slumber S 2 Sm 1H Puts victims to sleep.
  • Smite N 2 Sm 5 Increase a weapon’s damage by +2/+4.
  • Sound/Silence N 1 Sm×5/Sm I/5 Create or mute sound.
  • Speak Language N 1 Sm 10m Caster can speak and understand languages.
  • Stun N 2 Sm I Target is Stunned.
  • Summon Ally N Special Sm 5 Conjures an ally of various sorts.
  • Telekinesis S 5 Sm×2 5 Moves items with Strength of d10 (d12 witha raise).
  • Teleport S 2 Sm I Character teleports up to 12″ distant.
  • Wall Walker N 2 Sm 5 Character can walk on walls at half Pace (fullPace with raise).
  • Warrior’s Gift S 4 Sm 5 Grant target a Combat Edge.
  • Zombie V 3 Sm 1H Raises and controls the undead.