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MyGURPS - Bunnies And Burrows Premade Rabbits

Bunnies And Burrows Premade Rabbits

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These eight bunnies are legal starting characters, designed to showcase a wide range of abilities. None are a specific gender, for more flexibility. Each has exactly four stunts and Refresh 2, and has just three aspects so the player can come up with two more as the game goes on (giving them more investment in the character). In addition to any listed possessions, assume that each bunny has access to a few seeds, nuts, or berries.


The Diplomatic Storyteller

Amaryllis is a likable peacemaker, but also a pragmatic one who knows when to go on the (verbal) attack. This rabbit's stories can be engaging enough to get others caught up in them, so that they'll act out the roles that Amaryllis narrates.


The Psychic Warrener

Between the Seer Visions and Bun Fu training, Aster is a valuable member of the Warren Watch (and knows it). Walking the line between "wise shifu" and "condescending," Aster assumes personal responsibility for the warren as a whole.


The Outdoorsy Herbalist

Carnation spends as little time in the warren as possible, instead preferring to travel through the great outdoors. Undeterred by most threats, Carnation relies on experience, herbal concoctions, and strong claws to overcome danger.

Note: This is the only character that requires a bit of resource management.


The Eccentric Garden-Raider

Always eager to explore new places, Flax is as comfortable in a human backyard as in a deep forest. Most other rabbits don't understand Flax's passion or explanations, but they'll rely on Flax to venture where other bunnies won't.


The Vigilant Hoplite

Gladiolus has been a Hoplite longer than some of the other bunnies have been alive, and has seen and survived things that too many others didn't. Gladiolus' instincts, knowledge, and Bun Fu mastery come in useful everywhere.


The Dextrous Scrapper

Strong, fast, agile, and always smiling, Larkspur enjoys life. Some say it's easy to when you can outrun and out-maneuver nearly any threat, but Larkspur would argue that the mindset grants the moves, not vice-versa.


The Telepathic Trickster

While very few rabbits trust Oleander, no one doubts the utility of one who can read others' thoughts and come up with the perfect way to manipulate them. Oleander is sneaky, brave, and brilliant, if not well loved.


The Stealthy Healer

Zinnia is perpetually underestimated, thanks to both small size and an unwillingness to injure others. But Zinnia's wisdom, ability to slip into places where others cannot, and empathic healing have all saved the day several times.

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