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MyGURPS - Bunnies And Burrows Empathic Healers

Bunnies And Burrows Empathic Healers

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Requirement: Stunt (Empathic Healer)

You are a natural healer, able to sense and absorb the pain of others. This stunt greatly enhances what your Empathy skill can do, though it also includes a significant drawback. All Empathic Healing is used to help others — you cannot use it on yourself. However, it is not limited to rabbits and works on any animals (though not humans).

Aura Reading

You can use Empathy to gauge someone's physical state as well as their emotional state. This increases the range of hidden aspects that you can discover via Empathy (and create an advantage on) and may be useful in overcoming certain obstacles.


You can make a recovery roll on behalf of someone else to treat any consequence (or overcome an aspect) which represents bodily damage, poison, or disease. This requires at least a few seconds of solid skin-to-skin contact and an Empathy roll. For consequences, the difficulty is Fair (2) for mild, Good (3) for moderate, or Great (4) for severe. For aspects, the difficulty equals the Potency of the effect; if unknown, the GM sets the difficulty.

Failure means that you cannot try again until after the subject attempts her next (Physique) recovery or resistance roll, which may mean waiting a while. (See Bunnies and Burrows General Rules for details.) You may spend a fate point to ignore this restriction and try again immediately.

Success marks the consequence as being in recovery; however, you suffer the pain, symptoms, etc. that the subject did. In game terms, you take stress and gain an appropriate aspect (like Feverish and Sore) for a while, depending on the consequence level:

  • Mild: 1 mental stress and the aspect lasts until the end of this scene.
  • Moderate: 2 mental stress and the aspect lasts until the end of the next scene.
  • Severe: 3 mental stress and the aspect lasts a full session (e.g., if you're halfway through this session, it lasts until halfway through the next one).

Empathic Wounding

While an empathic healer can attack another animal, doing so causes him to feel the wounds he inflicts! Because of this, many become pacifists. The pain the healer suffers depends on how badly he hurts the animal:

  • Stress only: 1 mental stress.
  • One or more consequences: 2 mental stress.
  • Incapacitation: 2 mental stress and 1 physical stress.
  • Death: 2 mental stress and 2 physical stress.

This is assessed after each hit, not at the end of the fight. It does not apply to indirect damage, such as if the healer sets up a log trap or throws an herb, only to direct attacks made by the healer.

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