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MyGURPS - Bunnies And Burrows Character Concepts

Bunnies And Burrows Character Concepts

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Players can create a wide range of rabbit characters, even more so than the concepts listed here; these are just ideas to get you started. Combine a variety of concepts for a bunny with more breadth, or focus on just one or two for depth of ability. Some combinations (particularly those revolving around the same skill) have a particular synergy, but you can theoretically combine anything; there's absolutely nothing stopping you from mixing Bun Fu with mentalism, or herbalism with social mastery!


You are lithe, coordinated, fast, and flexible. Take high Athletics and decent Physique and Stealth.


You have visions of the past and future, and can track someone or something down if you're holding something important to them. Take Second Sight and the Seer Visions stunt.


You're tough, strong, and hard to keep down. Take high Physique and Will and consider stunts for both, along with decent Fight (and perhaps Provoke, for intimidation).


You understand objects and how they work as well as any rabbit can. Take high Anthropology and decent Flora, plus the Weaver stunt (to make backpacks). Consider Will and possibly the Mathematical Genius stunt.


You're good at interacting with other animals and getting them to like you and help you out. Take high Rapport, decent Empathy, and (if you want to seduce or rally others) Provoke. Consider Fauna and the Friends Everywhere stunt.

Garden Raider

You brave the lair of humans to acquire their delicious vegetables. Take high Anthropology (with stunts if possible) and decent Flora and Stealth.


There are two ways to help others heal. You can take both; an empathic healer trained in first aid is incredibly useful.

Empathic Healing: You can "lay paws" on another animal to heal them, and instinctively see someone's ailments, but you cannot hurt another animal without hurting yourself. Take high Empathy and the Empathic Healer stunt. Avoid Fight; stick to Athletics for self-defense!
Mundane Healing: You have basic skill in helping other rabbits recover from wounds. Take decent Fauna and the First Aid stunt.


You can craft and share herbal concoctions with potent effects, either helpful or hostile. Take high Flora and the Herbalist stunt. If possible, add the Weaver stunt so you have a way to transport your herbs.


You're a scout and messenger, and possibly a diplomat, who helps the warren keep in touch with the rest of the world. Take a Hoplite aspect, decent Fauna, and at least two of Athletics, Fight, Flora, or Rapport. If you skip Rapport, consider the Diplomat stunt. You may learn Bun Fu (see Martial Artist).


You can speak a wide range of languages, allowing you to easily communicate with (and eavesdrop on) other types of animals. Take decent Fauna and the Linguist stunt, and consider the Mimic stunt. This enables greater use of Provoke with the Poison Tongue stunt.

Martial Artist

You may be "just" a rabbit, but your mastery of Bun Fu lets you kick some serious tail! Take high Fight skill and one or more Bun Fu stunts, along with some Acrobatics and Physique. You must combine this with Hoplite or Warner unless you take a different aspect explaining where you learned it. (See Scrapper for a simpler take.)


You have potent telepathic abilities. The "advanced" version subsumes the "basic" one.

Basic: You can share your mind with others, to communicate openly or to learn their secrets. Take Second Sight and the Seer Communication stunt. Consider adding Linguist, to better understand other animals via mind reading.
Advanced: You can use telepathy as a weapon, assaulting others! Take equally high levels of Second Sight and Will, then add the Seer Communication and Seer Domination stunts. Be sure to take a few problematic (easy to compel) aspects, and go light on other stunts, because you're going to need fate points!


You love the wide outdoors and are skilled in navigation, avoiding threats, and following tracks. Take high Flora, decent Notice, and either decent Anthropology or the Snare Sense stunt. Consider the Weaver stunt for creating backpacks.


You're highly intelligent and experienced, with general knowledge about the world. Take decent Anthropology, Fauna, and Flora for knowledge, and/or Empathy, Notice, and Will for "common sense." The Mathematical Genius stunt fits.


You may not know Bun Fu (see Martial Artist for that), but you can handle yourself in a fight. Take some combination of Athletics (to defend and move), Fight (to attack and defend), and Physique (to grapple and soak damage).


You're good at spotting watchers, slipping past them, and talking your way out of it if you get caught. Take high Stealth along with some Deceive and Notice.


You can tell stories so enthralling that the audience gets caught up in the narrative and acts as you desire. Take high Rapport and the Storytelling stunt, and consider both Empathy (to read the crowd) and Provoke with the Wide Reach stunt. It's a good idea to be a Linguist as well.


You can spin the truth to confuse or mislead others. Take high Deceive and Provoke, with a few stunts (Fast-Talk is a good one). Consider Empathy, for creating advantages via discovered aspects.


You protect and defend the warren from external threats. Take a Warren Watch aspect, good Notice, and decent Fight and Physique. You may learn Bun Fu (see Martial Artist).

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