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Bunnies And Burrows Bun Fu

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Requirements: Fight at Average (+1) plus either being a member of the Hoplites or Warren Watch (see below) or an Aspect that explains where you learned Bun Fu.

Bun Fu is a rabbit martial art that teaches effective biting, clawing, kicking, slamming, and ripping (grabbing the foe and raking your back claws down his torso). In general, only Hoplites and Warners know it, but other appropriate Aspects include being a former member of one of those groups (why are you no longer a member?) or learning it from a maverick (a rabbit with no ties to a warren; how did you know them? are they still around?).

However, "Bun Fu" is not an actual game trait. It is a selection of Fight stunts available only to those trained in Bun Fu. Other rabbits may take the Fight stunts listed in Bunnies and Burrows Skills and Stunts, but not the following ones:

  • Coup de Grace: Once per scene, when you force an opponent to take a physical consequence, you can spend a fate point to increase the consequence's severity (so mild becomes moderate, moderate becomes severe). If your opponent was already going to take a severe consequence, he must either take a severe consequence and a second consequence or be taken out.
  • Flying Kick: You are able to leap through the air, leading with a powerful kick that can lay an unsuspecting opponent out. +2 to attack with Fight whenever you move at least one zone unopposed before you attack with a kick.
  • Follow-Through: Once per scene, when you inflict a physical consequence, you may also inflict a 2-shift hit on a different opponent in the same zone.
  • Giant-Slayer: Larger animals have their Scale reduced by one for the purpose of attacking you and defending against your attacks. Their Scale is unchanged for all other purposes (including fighting your allies).
  • Grappling Finesse: You may use Fight instead of Physique to grapple someone, and may always use the best of Athletics, Fight, and Physique to defend against or Overcome a grapple.
  • Punishing Claws: Once per scene, when you inflict a physical consequence, you gain one additional invocation of that consequence.
  • Riposte: If you succeed with style on a Fight defense, you can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take a boost.
  • Ripping: When you successfully attack someone with Fight whom you are grappling, you inflict 2 additional shifts.
  • Stunning Strike: Once per scene, when you succeed on an attack, you may place the aspect Stunned on your opponent with one free invocation.


Requirements: Aspect (Hoplite), Fauna at Average (+1), and at least two of Athletics, Fight, Flora, or Rapport at Average (+1).

The Hoplites are a warren's elite scouts and messengers. They're expected to know the local area and the animals which inhabit it, and are often sent as heralds to other warrens or to negotiate with neutral animals. They often accompany Warners on raids to gardens; there's a friendly rivalry between the two groups, but they'll always set it aside in the face of an outside threat.

Note: A Hoplite or Warrener party often comprises a mix of actual members of that group and other rabbits who've been asked by the king to assist. To borrow human military lingo, being a Hoplite or Warrener means that you're a "regular", with every other rabbit potentially filling in as an "irregular".

Warren Watch

Requirements: Aspect (Warren Watch), Notice at Average (+1), and either Fight at Fair (+2) or Fight and Physique at Average (+1).

The Warren Watch is responsible for the safety of the warren. Its members — known as Warreners, or just "Warners" for short — look out for threats from the outside. They post lookouts, warn the warren of predators, and sometimes raid gardens for food (usually accompanied by Hoplites). They don't deal with internal security except in the most oppressed and fascist warrens.

Also see the Hoplite note above.

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