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BAE Starting Gear

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Note: The following guidelines are suggestions. The GM is free to change them, especially when deciding what (if anything) qualifies PCs to start with upgraded gear.

Starting Gear

Characters start with the following:

  • 0 LP*.
  • Up to four pieces of White gear, making all decisions.
  • One Green piece of gear, making all decisions.
  • Any minor equipment they need (e.g., tool kits, flashlights).

"Making all decisions" means that the player chooses everything instead of rolling randomly; e.g., manufacturer, type, element, and Upgrades. (Exception: The player cannot add an Anointment nor Red Text.) This reflects the Vault Hunter having curated their gear in their backstory.

* Exception: New characters joining an existing campaign start with 1d3 + (Rank) LP.

Gear Rewards

Players can earn one reward by coming up with a short backstory, ideally one that includes a couple of NPCs or groups for the GM to use as later plot hooks. No need to write a novel, just a few short paragraphs.

Players can also earn one reward by creating a visual of their character. This doesn't require artistic talent; using sites like Hero Forge, Dress Up Doll apps, etc. is fine.

Each reward lets the player choose from one of these benefits:

  • Start with one extra Green item, as above.
  • Upgrade their starting Green item to Blue. (No, you can't combine both rewards to get a Purple.)
  • Start with one randomly generated item, choosing either its manufacturer or general type. (Risky! You might just get a random Green, but what if you roll an Orange, eh?)

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