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BAE Body Armor

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Armor in Borderlands is heavy and less efficient than in most settings. Most heroes eschew body armor in favor of Shields, which are far less encumbering and not vulnerable to Corrosive attacks. So this list exists mainly for the GM to equip enemies, though LP prices are included in case players want a set.

Body armor and physical shields are never available in vending machines. Vault Hunters must either visit an actual vendor or take these off their foes (though armor will be damaged; see below).

The corporations reserve their best armor for their own troops, however. Anything noted as "black market" (with a *) isn't readily available. The players will need to first find a shady dealer, usually via Networking. Depending on the situation, the dealer may charge more LP than what's listed and/or require a favor from the buyers.

Body Armor

Here, "(body)" covers everything except the hands and head. Players may salvage armor from foes (unless they destroyed it with Corrosive damage) but it's useless until repaired. Take 20 minutes and roll Repair at a penalty equal to (half Armor, rounded up); e.g., -2 to repair Welded Junk Plate.

NameArmorMin StrWeightLP
Bandit Armor
Skag Leather (body)+1d6150
Bone Cap (head)+1d631
Scrap Brigandine (body)+2d8251
Scrap Helm (head)+2d852
Welded Junk Plate (body)+3d10352
Junk Great Helm (head)+3d1073
Goliath Armor (body)+4d12503
Goliath Helm (head)+4d12104
Corporation Armor
Kevlar Vest (torso)+2d6152
Combat Helmet (head)+2d634*
Light Infantry Armor (all)+3d8308*
Heavy Infantry Armor (all)+4d104512*
*Black market; see above.

Physical Shields

Using the Parry bonus or Cover from a shield means that it dissolves if the wielder is Shaken or worse from a Corrosive attack. Shields are Hardness 10 and provide +2 Armor if foes wish to shoot through them. A character attacked by multiple enemies on the same Action Card only gets his shield's benefits against half of them (round up, defender decides which ones).

Shields can bash for Str+d4 damage. Spiked or razor-edged shields are available (raise Min Str by a die type, +5 lbs., +1 LP) that improve this to Str+d4+1 damage.

It's up to the GM whether looted shields count as damaged. If so, use the same rules as for repairing armor (above).

NameParryCoverMin StrWeightLP
Tactical Shield+2-2d882*
Nomad Shield†+2-4d10123
* Black market; see above.
† Gives -1 to Pace while wielded. Bearer may ignore this, but then gains no benefit from the shield.

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