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BAE Artifacts

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The Borderlands universe is full of some really weird stuff, most of it left by the Eridians. Once characters have a Rank or two under their belt, the GM should consider introducing artifacts.

For the GM: Creating Artifacts

These never appear as random loot and there are no hard-and-fast rules or readymade tables to create them. Instead, the GM must create each one. Ideally, an artifact should be something unique, a way to break the rules or grant abilities the heroes couldn't just acquire as an Advance. Whatever it gives should usually be comparable in power to an Edge or a 2-point racial ability, but this is a rough guideline. It could also act as an exceptional piece of gear, even a weapon — though consider whether coming up with a unique, named Orange weapon would make more sense.

Never feel the need to come up with one artifact per PC; artifacts should be rare, not something assumed to be part of everyone's kit. Nor should an artifact ever be intentionally tailored to a specific PC's build. It's fine to come up with cool, weird ideas and let the players figure out how to make use of them.

For the Players: Using Artifacts

Using an artifact requires first attuning to it, a process that takes about a minute and requires no roll, and then carrying it constantly. Most artifacts can be kept in a pocket, though some must be held to be used (or fired). A character may be attuned to one artifact at a time; a new attunement replaces any existing one.

Artifacts are inherently unstable and wonky, and their abilities are subject to change. Seriously, don't argue with the GM if she nerfs an artifact that turns out to be more powerful than she thought it'd be. Her job is hard enough.

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