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A Dragon Or More

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With a Comfortable Standard of Living, any item that costs le ss than 1 gold dragon can be acquired without spending personal funds. So it's very helpful to know what items do not fall into that category. Remember that 1 gd = 210 ss.

Table 7-4: Weapon Costs

Longaxe500 ss
Braavosi Blade800 ss
Small Sword300 ss
Arakh450 ss
Bastard Sword700 ss
Greatsword800 ss
Longsword500 ss
Bow, Double-Curved500 ss
Longbow900 ss
Crossbow, Light*150 ss
Crossbow, Medium400 ss
Crossbow, Heavy950 ss
Crossbow, Myrish2,000 ss
* Only if made superior quality

Table 7-5: Armor Costs

Everything costs 1 gd+, with the exception of Robes and Padded Armor.

Table 7-6: Barding Types

Everything costs 1 gd+.

Table 7-7: Goods & Services

Craftman's Tools (Expert)Up to 1,000 ss
Far-Eyes300 ss
Maester's KitUp to 500 ss
Noble's GarbUp to 1,000 ss
Corser (Mount)600 ss
Destrier (Mount)1,000 ss
Sand Steed (Mount)1,200 ss

Table 7-8: Poisons

Basilisk Blood5-10 gd
Basilisk Venom5-10 gd
Milk of the Poppy200-500 ss
Strangler150 gd
Sweetsleep, 3 pinches360 ss
Tears of Lys100 gd
Widow's Blood1,000 ss

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