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Savage Rifts New Gear

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There's a ton of equipment from Palladium Rifts still waiting to be converted into Savage Rifts, new rules to create custom magic items and TW gear, and weird one-off notions that the GM wants to make canonical. This page is where it all ends up. Anything with a * is a conversion of existing gear; the rest is genuinely new stuff.


Naruni Nuclear-Powered Force Fields

All of the force fields from EOH (p. 39) are available in high-powered versions which require a nuclear power cell to operate. These grant an extra +1 Toughness and have unlimited duration, but cost and weigh 20× as much. (From Rifts Mercenaries, p. 125.)

Enchanted Magic Items

Magic items are always "on" and require no power points or Arcane Background to use. The exception is if one includes a power, then the requirements to activate that power are the same as for TW devices.

Dragon Bands

Two magical sets of joined rings, much like brass knuckles, that adjust to fit any dragon. Only one set of Dragon Bands can be worn. When the dragon is in human (etc.) form, they're absorbed, in a reversal of how it usually works with the dragon's human gear. The prices and times below assume the bands are being custom made by an enchanter — but the Cult of Dragonwright / Dragon's Dawn will often have these readymade in stock, and at -25% off the costs below.

Variants exist for other clawed creatures, like werecats and mutant animals. If the creature isn't a shapeshifter, reduce cost by -25%.

Sharp Dragon Bands: +4 to Claws AP. 2d4 days, 40K credits
Strong Dragon Bands: +2 to Claws Damage. 2d4 days, 40K credits
Superior Dragon Bands: As Sharp + Strong. 5d6 days, 100K credits

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