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MyGURPS - Board Games

Board Games

Civilization VI

This isn't a board game, but it's close, and I didn't want to make a new "video game" category just for Civ6.

Cowpoker: Record Sheet (PDF)

A handy way to account for every bonus, especially in a multi-round game.

Deluxe Illuminati: Goal Cards (PDF)

Makes it easier to remember the goals. Print a second copy for the UFOs.
Contains a house rule raising Discordia's goal to six Weird groups, as later expansions made Weird the most common alignment by far. This is a good change. Use it.

Frag: Improved Record Sheet (PDF)

A paper version, for the older edition.

King's Blood: One-Page Solitaire Rules (PDF)

A version that easily fits in the box.

Lord of the Rings: Friends and Foes Reference (PDF)

A two-page reference for the cooperative Reiner Knizia game, including the Black Gate rule, an official erratum which fixes how easy it was to acheive a Military Victory.

Munchkin: Sammlerbox Translation Sheet (PDF)

Translations by BIGsheep and T. Dorst; I've just formatted it as a printable version.

Rising Sun

A random season card generator, plus new official game modes from the comics

SPANC: FAQ and Optional Rules

Questions and answers, along with a few ways to tweak the game.

Stardew Valley

Both the board game and video game


Minor rules to fix specific issues

Twilight Imperium 4

Resources, useful links, and house rules.