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MyGURPS - Recaps


Herein are recaps of my various RPG campaigns, hopefully including full detail about the characters and also session recaps. I say "hopefully" because frankly, sometimes I get lazy. As such, there may be occasional entries explicitly tagged as (Session Summary) when I didn't have a chance to put up a full recap and just want to summarize the important things that happened in a session or two.

The campaigns:

F**k Whitey Squad

A Mutants and Masterminds tale of semi-reformed villains filling the "superhero" role as probation (warning: swearing!)

Salt and Iron

A Song of Ice and Fire campaign of a minor Dornish House with a bustling port but a bad reputation

Storm Knights

A Torg Eternity campaign, in classic fashion as Storm Knights help the Delphi Council save our world

Travelers on the Path

A TianXia "pickup" game, featuring diverse wu and xia dealing with issues both mythic and mundane.


These aren't campaign recaps, but notes necessary for other games