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MyGURPS - Savage Rifts New Edges

Savage Rifts New Edges

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The following Edges are sorted alphabetically instead of by type, with type listed after the name.

Hardware Bond (Iconic/Professional)

Requirements: Novice, Repair d6+, Combat Cyborg, Glitter Boy, M.A.R.S.

You know your custom hardware like no one else ever will. For Combat Cyborgs, this refers to your cybernetic body. Glitter Boys bond with their armor and Boom Gun. If you're M.A.R.S., you must choose two: your cybernetics, your armor(s) (body, power, or robot), your vehicle(s), or your weapons.

You get +2 when making Repair rolls on your hardware; this bonus is cumulative with other Edges! While fixing this hardware, treat Repair critical failures as normal failures. In addition, you pay 1/5 as much for relevant parts, as you're a master of using improvised hardware.

Tree Form (Iconic)

Prerequisites: Savage Rifts Wild Druid, Seasoned, Strength d6+, Vigor d8+

As a free action, you can turn your body into solid, animate wood -- with no vital organs. This means that Called Shots do no additional damage, and you take half damage from falls and collisions (which can only incapacitate you, not kill you). In addition, your vine-like fingers give you +2 to Grapple attacks.

Improved Tree Form
Prerequisites: Tree Form
Your wooden form now has +2 Reach for all attacks.

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