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Converted from Rifts Bionics Sourcebook (with some influence from Fallout's synths)

These "Light Full Conversion Cyborgs" (or simply "Hidden 'Borgs") are constructed on a smaller, lighter chassis to look exactly like a human or humanoid DB. The disguise systems are astoundingly convincing, to the point where the Cyber-Humanoid can easily impersonate others or alter their appearance. They bleed, appear to breathe, and so on — but sensor scans will still reveal the cyborg's true nature.

Build this as a Combat Cyborg (TLPG, p. 21) with the following changes:

  • I'm Only Human: Synthetic skin, hair, etc. makes them appear fully human. They do not suffer from the Heavy or Inhuman Appearance drawbacks. They cannot add any implanted weapons or other "external" systems (such as jet packs) without ruining the illusion.
  • Master of Disguise: They have Improved Cyber-Disguise (EOH, p. 52) integrated at a fundamental level. In addition to the listed effects, they can change their physical sex, alter their height by a few inches in either direction, and increase or reduce their apparent weight by about 30 lbs. They always remain Size 0.
  • Regular-Sized: They have Strength d12+1 and are Size 0 (and thus no Toughness bonus from Size). They start with two levels of Armor Plating instead of three, and thus +4 Armor instead of +6 M.D.C.
  • Untrusted: Most people are creeped out by the idea of combat cyborgs living among them, hiding in plain sight. Strangers who become aware of the Cyber-Humanoid's true nature generally react at Unfriendly to Hostile (GM's call).

M.A.R.S. — Automaton Controller

Converted from Rifts World Book 16: Federation of Magic

Automatons are detailed on SFONA pp. 35-36 and A&M pp. 37-41. The controller is likely a renegade from Dweomer, but that isn't a strict requirement; the secrets of automaton creation have leaked out to other magical communities. The only models disallowed are the Colossus (which is simply not found on Rifts Earth outside of Dweomer) and Infiltrator (which is more "tool" than "magical mecha").

Note that a mage cannot siphon PPE from an automaton; its battery is solely for its own use.

  • Begin with Occult d6, Piloting d6, plus the Arcane Background (Magic) and Controller Edges.
  • Arcane Link: When ordering the automaton to cast its spells, the controller may use their own Power Edges (like Blaster or Wizard), but must pay any PPE surcharge themselves.
  • Select one available automaton except for the Colossus or Infiltrator.
  • Begin with standard Starting Gear.

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