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These character options were converted from original Rifts. While they are unofficial, each has been peer-reviewed for balance and accuracy. That said, further feedback is always welcome (

Note that "eruptor" is the Rifts term for an elemental psi. From commonest to rarest, they are the Burster and Soaker (tied), Freezer, Zapper, and Bomber.


Converted from Rifts Dimension Book 1: Wormwood

A holy warrior who truly falls to darkness becomes a cruel fiend, a sadist who ruins lives. It's almost impossible to come back from this, to repent and return to the side of righteousness and good. But an Apok has done so, and walking both paths has given them the faith, martial prowess, and will to eradicate True Evil wherever it is found. Every Apok has a unique, hand-made maska demonic visage that they wear to remind themselves of the monster they once were, and to embrace their new role as the "boogeyman" that even the devils fear. Despite the distrust and concern it evokes in others, an Apok never removes their mask; acknowledging what they were is part of atoning for past sins.

Apoks make two Hero's Journey rolls on any table other than Cybernetics or Psionics. They begin with standard Starting Gear plus one silver-coated weapon of their choice from Savage Worlds, p. 72.

Apok Abilities and Bonuses

Apok Complications


Converted from The Rifter #19, with a name change for clarity

The Bomber (also known as the "Blaster") is the rarest eruptor. They possess the ability to telekinetically create detonations, like psychic grenades. Bombers cannot force objects or people to explode, but can create explosions right next to them, varying in diameter from inches (for targeting specific body parts with a shaped charge) to yards (for taking out massed enemies). Unlike most eruptors, they cannot enhance their melee attacks and thus tend to fight from a distance. As a side effect of their powers, they ignore sonic attacks and have an innate understanding of mundane demolitions and EOD.

Build this as a Burster (TLPG, p. 18) with the following changes:

Controller (M.A.R.S. Package)

Converted from Rifts World Book 16: Federation of Magic

The mage controls one of the automatons detailed on SFONA pp. 35-36 or A&M pp. 37-41. The controller is likely a renegade from Dweomer, but that isn't a strict requirement; the secrets of automaton creation have leaked out to other magical communities. The only models disallowed are the Colossus (which is simply not found on Rifts Earth outside of Dweomer) and Infiltrator (which is more "tool" than "magical mecha").

Official Clarifications: A mage cannot siphon PPE from an automaton; its battery is solely for its own use. Anyone casting an automaton's powers has access to both normal and Mega-Power modifiers.


Converted from Rifts Bionics Sourcebook (with some influence from Fallout's synths)

These "Light Full Conversion Cyborgs" (or simply "Hidden 'Borgs") are constructed on a smaller, lighter chassis to look exactly like a human or humanoid DB. The disguise systems are astoundingly convincing, to the point where the Cyber-Humanoid can easily impersonate others or alter their appearance. They bleed, appear to breathe, and so on — but sensor scans will still reveal the cyborg's true nature.

Build this as a Combat Cyborg (TLPG, p. 21) with the following changes:


Converted from The Rifter #19

An uncommon eruptor, the Freezer uses cryokinesis to control temperature and condense moisture in the air into ice or snow. On Earth, Freezers descended from the Inuit, which may explain why they are so in touch with their natural environment even outside of frigid regions; the animals and land itself seem to accept them as a guardian. They tend toward detached, "cold" personalities and usually prefer melee to ranged combat.

Build this as a Burster (TLPG, p. 18) with the following changes:

Martial Artist (M.A.R.S. Package)

Converted as a general concept from Rifts World Book 25: China 2

Whether unarmed or with weapon in hand, Martial Artists are masters of melee. Years of training have honed their natural skills — not just at fighting but with Neijing, the channeling of Chi (internal energy) to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances on the battlefield. If the hero refuses to fight with weapons, that's a Major Vow; consider the Brawler, Bruiser, and/or Martial Warrior Edges.

Gifted Notes: See TLPG, p. 122, for important rules. The New Powers Edge allows the hero to choose from boost Trait†, deflection*, healing* or speed†. Unlike warrior's gift, these will not be innate abilities, though they may also take the Adept Edge.

Mind Bleeder

Converted from Rifts World Book 12: Psyscape

These dangerous psychics are common in the New German Republic, but are just becoming known in North America. As variant humans from another dimension, they are technically D-Bees, but the only mundane hint of this is how much their forehead veins bulge when they strain. Many revel in using invasive and damaging abilities — like mind reading, puppet, and the Bio-Manipulation Edge (TLFM, p. 12) — flaunting their power and earning their Feared complication (which applies to anyone who thinks they're a Mind Melter or knows they're a Mind Bleeder).

Build this as a Mind Melter (TLPG, p. 47) with the following changes:

Phase Adept (M.A.R.S. Package)

Converted from Rifts Dimension Book 2: Phase World

This potent psi has been trained by other Phase Adepts via secret rituals of initiation, originally developed in another dimension by the mysterious Prometheans. This undertaking grants the psychic access to exotic powers to warp time and space, as well as a natural ability to blunt the impact of magic and miracles. Because of the latter, Phase Adepts make natural mage-hunters, but most have no quarrel with their wizardly brethren.

Priest (M.A.R.S. Package)

Converted from Rifts Conversion Book 2: Pantheons of the Megaverse

A Priest draws power from worshiping a specific god or pantheon and following their tenets closely. (See Religions in Rifts for more.) Their god(s) protect them to a certain extent, allowing them to risk themselves to save others. Unlike holy warriors who engage their foes in a toe-to-toe fight, Priests focus on banishing evil beings from this world and then helping their victims recover. (They do have access to Edges like Champion and Holy Warrior if desired, but that's a personal decision, not part of the framework.)


Converted from The Rifter #19

Although Soakers are as common as Bursters, they tend to stick to coasts and islands, where their hydrokinetic abilities can best be used. There are exceptions found in dry, arid regions, however, whether to help villages plagued by drought or to fight the vampires plaguing the Southwest. Unlike all other eruptors, Soakers are not powerful damage-dealers; their abilities tend toward utility, defense, and attacks that are non-lethal except to vampires. They pull water out of the air, drawing from a vast area if necessary; no water source need be present. For the purpose of their abilities, any liquid which is at least 50% water counts as being water.

Soakers make Hero's Journey rolls as for the Burster (TLPG, p. 19). They begin with standard Starting Gear. They have access to water-based versions of the Burster's Iconic Edges (TLPG, p. 74), with the exception of Improved Fiery Aura and Improved Flame Bolt.

Soaker Abilities and Bonuses

Soaker Complications

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