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I am incredibly impressed with Savage Rifts, the adaptation of Rifts (a great setting with a terrible system) to Savage Worlds (a great system). In particular, it's amazing how well it maintains balance between the iconic frameworks; you can have a glitter boy and a scholar in the same party and actually come up with situations that threaten the former without slaughtering the latter. Somehow, it manages to be thoroughly over-the-top without being broken. These resources help expand the game.

(This is for the SWADE version; click here for an archive of old-edition info.)

Savage Rifts House Rules (plus Errata)

Specific game tweaks, in addition to the SWADE General Rules used in all games, with a few frameworks getting more detailed notes, below:

          • Savage Rifts: Elemental Fusionists

          • Savage Rifts: Glitter Boys

          • Savage Rifts: New Character Options

Savage Rifts New D-Bees

Most converted from classic Rifts books, plus some originals and new mutants

Savage Rifts Framework and Race List

A useful resource for new players trying to decide who and what to be

Savage Rifts Vehicles and More List

A list of every vehicle, robot vehicle, and power armor

Other Resources

  • Savage Rifts Grimoire — A Word document, easily edited into a custom grimoire.
  • Manufacturer-Specific Modifiers — Very useful notes on specific types of gear; see EOH p. 38.
  • Concussion and Tear Gas Grenades — Found in Jape Defender description; see TLFM, p. 16. They cost the same as Frag Grenades (550cr).

Rifts Apok Work In Progress

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