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MyGURPS - Which Cosm Should I Be From?

Which Cosm Should I Be From?

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When creating your Storm Knight PC, you have to decide on a home cosm. This is an important decision, as it determines both your personal axioms and what perk categories you have access to. Here's a quick summary of what each cosm has to offer from a game-mechanical perspective, to help you choose. Of course, if you simply like the flavor of a particular cosm, that's more than enough reason to go for that one!

A Racial Decision: If you're not playing a human, you have a strong incentive to choose the home cosm appropriate to your race, as that's the only way to obtain additional racial perks! For example, an elf from Aysle can have any of the Elf perks -- but an elf who transformed and is now part of Core Earth, though able to retain a few existing Elf perks (GM's discretion), cannot acquire new ones because those perks are from the Asyle cosm.


Magic 24 / Social 16 / Spirit 18 / Tech 14

Spellcasters will be spoiled for choice; you can learn more potent spells in Aysle than anywhere else in the multiverse. Elves make amazing wizards and archers in particular, and have access to special magical companions. Dwarves are hardy in any role and have unique rune magic and "anti-miracle" perks. Light and Darkness are tangible forces here; the former combines well with holy faith, while the latter can be used to "backstab for a good cause." All you're denied is psi. And frankly, if you're a huge fan of classic fantasy, you've probably already made your decision.

Core Earth

Magic 9 / Social 23 / Spirit 10 / Tech 23

While some Knights from here are straight-up action heroes, most are normal folks who stepped up and became badasses as the High Lords invaded. Core Earth is the only cosm that offers miracles, psionics, and spells (if you'd like to dabble in all three), along with high-tech weapons and equipment. However, its main strength is the Reality perk category, which offers some of the most potent meta abilities in the game. If you get Realm Runner, you can pick up Cosm Adaptation once you hit Beta Clearance, and grab another cosm's perks while still retaining your Reality powers!


Magic 14 / Social 18 / Spirit 16 / Tech 26

If you're a fan of dystopian, cat-and-mouse technothrillers, there's a lot to love in the Cyberpapacy. The most advanced gear available in the game is from here; it's nice to wield Tech 26 equipment and cyberware with no personal contradiction. Cyberwitches learn to integrate that tech with their unique spells, while White Witches eschew tech and rely on potent spirits. Or instead of spellcasting you can focus on Cyberpapacy miracles to turn the Cyberpope's faith against him. This cosm lacks psionics, due to its "technopathic" focus.

Living Land

Magic 1 / Social 7 / Spirit 24 / Tech 6

Takta Ker (as the edeinos call it) is home to bare-chested hunks, toned heroines with catlike reflexes, and canny lizardfolk. The most potent miracles hail from here, particularly those involving living beings and nature in general. Spirituality is so strong that magic, psi, and tech fall completely by the wayside. You can be an edeinos or (via Chosen of Lanala) a human who can nonetheless grab Edeinos perks. Savagery perks connect you to animals — granting a wide range of "pet" companions and mounts — and/or improve your ability to fight. Remember, "primitive" doesn't mean "stupid."

Nile Empire

Magic 14 / Social 20 / Spirit 18 / Tech 20

Have you ever wanted to roleplay an over-the-top pulp hero? Now's your chance! The Pulp Powers perks are what the Nile Empire is known for, both as inherent abilities and impossible gadgets, and it's easy to use them to build a potent cinematic hero. However, you also have access to a respectable range of Amaatism miracles and multiple forms of spellcasting ranging from low-key astrology/numerology to flashy sorcery. There's no psi, but many pulp powers are "psi-like."


Magic 16 / Social 18 / Spirit 16 / Tech 18

The scariest cosm! You get to decide if you're a stiff-upper-lip Victorian from Gaea or a local (probably Indian) who transformed when the Gaunt Man invaded. Knowledge is power here, with Occult perks that reward scholars and weaponize science into Alchemy and alchemical Bulletsmithing. Both miracles and magic are available (no psi), with horrific options that reward you greatly if you're willing to risk a bit of Corruption. Basically, this is the cosm for those who fight monsters and/or have become a bit monstrous themselves.


Magic 4 / Social 24 / Spirit 8/10* / Tech 24

If you like neo-noir films, modern-world anime, and Resident Evil, this cosm is for you. It's one of the few cosms where psionics are possible (though neither magic nor miracles), and its cinematic Ki Powers are to the body what psi is to the mind. Thanks to amoral corporate research, its tech is slightly more advanced than Core Earth, with Electric Samurai perks that play those differences up. If the Nile Empire represents pulp adventures, Pan-Pacifica embodies cautionary tales set "20 minutes into the future."

* Rises to 10 about five months into the war.


Magic 12 / Social 25 / Spirit 4 / Tech 25

Mad Max meets Hellraiser meets backroom corruption. Factions include native Russians (from bratva to Institute-trained psis), evil Technodemons (some of which have turned on their own kind, though no one really trusts these "Aspirants" yet), and The Race — thralls who've used the high Social axiom to conspire, develop powerful psi, and sometimes escape their slavery. Magic is fairly strong, wth uniquely painful spells, though faith is nonexistent. Technology is advanced, dark, and weird, with Occultech fusing magic and science for potent, often painful results.

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