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This is a mirror of Deanna/TorgHacker's Alternative Arcane Failure Mode house rules, originally posted here.


In all cases, a failure (but not a Mishap) to cast causes 2 Shock. On a Mishap the effect which depends on what kind of spellcaster you are:

Aysle Mage: The caster takes 2 Shock and becomes Very Stymied.
Core Earth Dabbler: The caster takes 2 Shock and loses connection with Earth's ley lines and can no longer cast spells until the end of the scene.
Cyberwitch or Cyberwarlock: The caster takes 1 BD Shock. This is in addition to the Cyberpapacy's Law of Heretical Magic if the caster is subject to that reality.
Nile Empire Sorcerer: The caster must discard his entire hand, then draw the same number of Destiny cards. If the sorcerer doesn't have any cards, randomly replace a card in the action pool with a new Destiny Card. If an NPC has a Mishap, one random player may draw a Destiny card.
Orrorsh Occultist: The caster takes 2 Shock, but no additional effect. The Gaunt Man wants practitioners to explore the dark arts!
Tharkold Acolyte: Thralls suffer 2 Shock, and all technodemons within 10 kilometers are alerted. The creatures can home in on such things and often send their minions to bring them the pitiful human who attracted their attention.


On a failure the invoker becomes Doubtful, and takes a -2 penalty on invoking additional miracles until the next scene.

On a Mishap, the invoker becomes Very Doubtful, and takes a -4 penalty on invoking additional miracles until the next scene. If the invoker is already Very Doubtful, she cannot invoke miracles at all until the next scene.


On a failure the psi takes 2 Shock.

On a Mishap, the psi takes 2 Shock and 1 Wound which may be soaked normally.

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