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Storm Knights Meridian

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While exploring an Askashan observatory which originated on the moon, Almorian encountered this "moon drake" and the two soon bonded. Unlike the drakes he was used to, she had rock-like skin and other unique features.

Design Notes: The breath weapon is a bit weaker (can't set foes ablaze, 2 damage moved to AP) in exchange for some useful "space traits."

  • Attributes: Charisma 6, Dexterity 10, Mind 5, Spirit 8, Strength 10
  • Skills: Dodge 11, find 7, intimidation 9, maneuver 11, missile weapons 12, stealth 11, trick 7, unarmed combat 12
  • Move: 10; Tough: 14 (2); Shock: 8; Wounds: 2
  • Perks: None
  • Possibilities: None, but Almorian may use his own Possibilities and Destiny cards on her behalf, even if the two are apart.
  • Special Abilities:
    • Armor: Rocky hide +2.
    • Bite/Claws: Strength +2 (12).
    • Moon-Adapted: Doesn't breathe. Ignores environmental cold (but not Cold attacks).
    • Regolith Breath: The drake may spray a cone of pebbles and grit, dealing Damage 12 (AP 2) to a Small Blast radius. The attack uses missile weapons to hit, and may not be used again for another minute. Range 5/10/15.
    • Wings: Move 10 in the air.

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