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MyGURPS - Shadowrun Fixing Strength

Shadowrun Fixing Strength

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The following changes restore Strength to its status as an attribute with some value.

Firearm Minimum Strength

Firearms have a minimum Strength depending on their category. These are already canonical for machine guns, just expanded here to other weapons. You can use "too strong" of a weapon, but your attack roll is at -1 die per missing point.

  • Strength 1: Hold-Out Pistols or Light Pistols.
  • Strength 2: Heavy Pistols*, Machine Pistols*, SMGs, Rifles, or LMGs.
  • Strength 3: Shotguns, MMGs, or Grenade Launchers.
  • Strength 4: Missile Launchers.
  • Strength 5: HMGs.
* Minimum Strength becomes 1 when used two-handed.

Use judgment for other exotic weapons; squirt and dart guns require Strength 1.

A bipod reduces Min Str by 1 in addition to its listed effect, not cumulative with a gyromount.

Unarmed, Melee, and Missile Attacks

When creating a character, make note of the following calculated values.

Strength Attack Rating: Equals your Strength + Reaction.

Strength Damage: Use this table.

StrengthStr Dmg StrengthStr Dmg
10 5-64
21 7-85
32 9-106
43 +2+1

Unarmed Attacks

Basically unchanged — your Strength AR and Strength Damage are your unarmed AR and DV (Stun). Modifiers like Dermal Plating improve your unarmed DV but not the attacks below. Bone Lacing adds +1/+2/+2 to unarmed DV and change it to Physical.

Melee Weapons

All melee weapon stats get the following changes:

  • Attack Rating: Equals the listed AR + Strength Attack Rating - 5.
  • Damage Value: Equals half the listed DV (round down) + Strength Damage.

Example: Phreak has Strength 1, Reaction 6, and thus Strength Damage 0 and Strength Attack Rating 7. The combat axe lists DV 5P, AR 9. In Phreak's hands, it has AR 11 (9 + 7 - 5) and DV 2P (half of 5 plus 0).

Missile Weapons

Depends on the specific type of weapon:

  • Bows: DV equals (Strength Damage + 1)P. Otherwise as written. Rating still equals Minimum Strength.
  • Crossbows: As written, but with Minimum Strength 1 for light/medium and 2 for heavy. These are basically archaic firearms.
  • Thrown Weapons: Modify as for melee weapons.


In general, knockdown effects are resisted with Strength instead of Body. Specifically:

  • You're knocked down if the final damage (after soaking) you take from a melee attack or explosion exceeds your Strength. For ranged attacks it must exceed (Strength x 2).
  • The Tumble Edge Action knocks the target down if pre-soak damage exceeds Strength (not Body).
  • Gel rounds are resisted with Agility (2) or Strength (2).

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