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Random Gear Generator Notes

If you want to modify my PHP code and host the new version, all I ask that that you give credit to Brice as creator of the original rules/tables and me (PK Levine) as creator of the digital version, and link to both our sites (Brice's / mine).

  1. Barrels: Wherever multiple barrels add a flat bonus to damage, they add the same bonus to hit, analogous to a double-tap or 3RB.
  2. Boost Orange?: This option makes orange a bit more special. There's a 25% chance of it being as written, 50% chance of +1 extra improvement, and 25% chance of +2.
  3. Clip Capacity: Whenever this came in levels, I just used x1.44 each time, rounded up, which comes really close to x1.5, x2, and x3 but is easier because I'm lazy. :)
  4. Cryo: I added this late in the process, so the code is a bit ugly ("if"s instead of "switch" integration), but it has basically the same odds of showing up as any other element if you enable that option. Because I didn't have any tables of cool prefixes, I went with the narrative of "they're new weapons, so no one's given them catchy names yet"; all cryo weapons are "Icy" ("icee" for Bandit).
  5. Grenade-Launcher Assault Rifles: The dual-barrel improvement affects these as for rocket launchers (upgrading them from an SBT to an MBT) instead of using the rules for normal guns: damage and odds to hit are unchanged, but it affects a larger area (MBT instead of SBT). The Torgue Torpedo starts with this improvement for free, balanced by the Low Rate of Fire hindrance.
  6. Grenades: All grenades (including assault-rifle ones) are Heavy Weapons. The generator will produce standard Bandit and Tediore grenades; instead of a special ability, they receive one bonus improvement. Players who start off with white Bandit or Tediore grenades do get the free improvement, but it is always rolled randomly. Vladof Fire Bursts with 0 elemental damage are noted as getting "+1 incendiary" on their initial explosion to simulate the "slow burn" startup. I've tweaked the algorithm to make "element" a bit more likely as the first Vladof improvement, with the extra odds falling away drastically as further improvements are rolled.
  7. Incendiary Weapons: To make up for incendiary weapons losing all AP, any AP improvements that were rolled are retroactively turned into added incendiary damage. (Lost inherent AP is just lost, sorry; that's intentional.)
  8. Jakobs: Jakobs can become Heavy Weapons; they just cannot do elemental damage. Jakobs shotguns do not get the Revolver tag.
  9. Limited Ammo: Pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, and shotguns with the Limited Ammo hindrance get +2 to clip size every time clip capacity comes up, not +1. Sniper rifles and rocket launchers with it still get just +1.
  10. Random with White Gear: This option presents a 50% chance of white gear, with chances for the other colors distributed proportionately across the remaining 50%.
  11. Rich and Filthy Rich: To represent these, just increase Rank by 1 or 2, respectively. This is why the Rank options go to "Legendary+2"; normal-income characters, even with hundreds of XPs, will never roll above Legendary. (Also, in our game, characters with these Edges get to build their starting green/blue equipment instead of having to roll it randomly.)
  12. Rocket Launchers: These may gain up to two levels of improved Damage. Note that their AP only applies to direct hits against hard targets (this is not stated consistently in the rulebook) and remains even for incendiary blasts. Also see notes for Torgue and Vladof.
  13. Rubberized Novice White Grenades: It's really not a "problem," but the random gear generation system has no provision for the possibility of rubberized grenades if no improvements are rolled -- even though rubberized is more of an "anti-improvement." To "fix" this, I made this silly add-on program: Rubberized Grenade Addition.
  14. Shields: Torgue shields get +1 level of damage, as explained under House Rules. Turtle shields start with +2 Capacity instead of +1; otherwise, their inherent special ability would be a pure weakness. I've tweaked the algorithm to make Reactivity slightly less common for Bandit shields.
  15. Shotguns: (1) The Auto-Shotgun improvement does not exist and Shotguns cannot be Revolvers or otherwise make Rapid Attacks via any means. Sorry, but resolving 24 attacks (quad barrels x six rapid attacks) as a single action is insane even by Borderlands standards. On the Shotgun Improvement Table, a 12 now adds Special Damage and a 16 adds Rapid Reload. (2) I've tweaked the algorithm to make Explosive "only" 4x as common as each other element instead of 6x as common. (3) All triple-barrel shotguns have Min Str d6 and all quad-barrels are d8. Names are based on barrels, no matter how we got there.
  16. Torgue: To represent their Low Rate of Fire hindrance, Torgue rocket launchers take an extra turn to reload; as compensation, they get two ranks of extra Damage instead of one.
  17. Vladof: As demonstrated in the Marcus guide, Vladof weapons don't actually improve their Shooting Mode, as this would usually result in 3RB being added. Instead, they increase RoF by 1, becoming Automatic if they weren't previously. Vladof sniper rifles instead gain the SA tag, except for the Droog as noted. Vladof rocket launchers cannot gain the Barrels improvement but their "rapid fire" is represented by being able to double-tap (they have the "SA" tag) and a new property: "Fast Rockets: Rolls to evade this explosion are at -4 instead of -2.''

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