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MyGURPS - Rising Sun Comic - New Rules

Rising Sun Comic - New Rules

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These official rule variants and scenarios were included in IDW's Rising Sun comic book series.

#1 - Ninjas of Rising Sun

Each Clan now has a ninja of the shadow guild secretly infiltrated in one of the Provinces during each Season. These ninjas can swiftly eliminate figures with a simple command. Bribe, bluff, and negotiate with other Clans to either avoid assassination, or direct it to where it won't befall you.

During each Tea Ceremony, as part of the diplomatic agreement between the Clans, give each player a pen and a piece of paper. They must write down, behind their Clan Screen, the name of any Province marked with a War Number token in the current Season, which is where their ninja will lie in wait.

At any point before the War phase, you may disclose the information written on your piece of paper. If you do, you must kill any 2 figures from any player in the chosen Province.

If you do not use your ninja, you must secretly destroy your piece of paper at the start of the War phase.

Special Clarifications:

  • Daimyos and Monsters can also be killed.
  • A player may kill allied figures.
  • In an effect says a figure cannot be killed, then it cannot be targeted by the ninja.
  • If there is only 1 figure in the Province, you may still use your ninja to kill it.
  • If you activate your ninja in a Province containing only 1 enemy figure, along with figures that belong to your Clan, you will have to kill one of your figures as well.
  • A player doesn't need to have presence in the Province to kill a figure there.
  • You are not obliged to use the ninjas during a Season.
  • During the next Tea Ceremony you may choose the same Province again.
  • You cannot show your piece of paper to anyone until you decide to use it.

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