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New Benefits

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Defensive Engineer

Your knowledge of defending structures is unparalleled.
Requirements: Knowledge 3, Warfare 4

You understand how fortifications are constructed and designed to best take advantage of the structure. Your House reduces the time it takes to raise Defensive Holdings by 20%. In addition to knowing how to design castles, walls and similar structures, you can also use this knowledge to boost the defensive benefits of a settlement or defensive structure.

Bolstering a defensive structure requires a 10-man team of workers and 1 hour per point of Defense bonus the structure provides to units when using Warfare rules (see Chapter 10: Warfare, Fortifications under Step One: Battlefield). After this time has passed, make a Challenging (9) Warfare test.

Providing defenses to a settlement is easier, but more time consuming and labor intensive. It requires a 10-man crew per point of Defense bonus the settlement grants when using Warfare rules (see Chapter 10: Warfare, Table 10-3), and 1 day of labor per point of the bonus as well. After this time has passed, make a Routine (6) Warfare test.

For each degree of success on these rolls, increase the Defense bonus granted by the defensive structure or settlement by one. This can no more than double the structure or settlement’s normal Defense bonus, however.


You are no one.
Requirements: (1) One of Face in the Crowd, Furtive, or Talented (Stealth); (2) Treacherous; (3) one Fighting quality; and (4) sponsorship and training at the Temple of the Many-Faced God. Not available to starting PCs.

You have mastered the arcane art of face-changing. If you kill a target, you can take their face and wear it, effectively becoming that person in appearance and voice. Under ordinary circumstances, this gives you a flawless disguise. Even those with reason to be suspicious of you can only detect that something is amiss with a Hard (15) Awareness (Empathy) test; even then they may not realize the extent of your deception until it is too late. Attacking someone who trusts “you” automatically grants surprise, for the usual +1D; in addition, depending on the level of trust, the GM may award bonus dice up to a maximum of your Cunning.

You can save faces you have added to your collection, storing them for later use. It takes about a minute to don a face and assume its form, but you can remove a face you are wearing (ending the guise) as a Lesser Action, if you wish.

No Kneeler

You kneel to no one.
Requirements: Blood of the Wildlings

When you are the target of Bargain, Charm, Convince, or Intimidate techniques in an intrigue, your Intrigue Defense increases by your Will. Also, when defeated in combat you can always choose to die instead of accepting the victor’s consequences.


Your obvious strength, skill at arms, or bearing causes others to quake with fear.

When using the Intimidate technique in an Intrigue you may add your Athletics, Fighting, Marksmanship, Status, or Will to the result; the skill used is chosen when you select this benefit. You add the same skill to your Intrigue Defense when targeted by the Intimidate technique.


Ice runs in your veins, making you extremely resistant to the terrible cold of the Far North.
Requirements: Blood of the Wildlings or Blood of the First Men

When wearing normal clothes you are considered to be wearing sufficient clothes to protect you from extreme cold. You add +2 to Endurance tests to resist the effects of extreme cold.