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Masks Playsets

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Playsets are campaign options, new ways to play that require going into special detail in some ways. A Masks game doesn't require a playset, especially if the game's concept is "a young hero team making a name for itself" — that's just default play!

Official Playsets

These come from Masks supplements or official sites.

Agents of AEGIS

From Secrets of AEGIS

The PCs are a Sirius Team, undertaking missions for (and answering to) AEGIS.

The Apocalypse Sonata

From Unbound

The PCs are traveling all over the universe trying to stop a universe-ending threat.

Iron Red Soldiers

From Unbound

The PCs are underground resistance in a Halcyon City conquered and occupied by aliens.

MeRIT Scholars

From The Fan Favorite

The PCs are helping a mystical organization protect Halcyon City from occult threats.

Phoenix Academy

From Unbound

The PCs attend a high school for superheroes, balancing classes and social lives with heroism.

The Spiderweb

From Unbound

The PCs are street-level heroes dealing with crime bosses in a grittier, less four-color setting.

The Suits

From Secrets of AEGIS

The PCs are investigating a possible extradimensional influence that has compromised AEGIS.

Unofficial Playsets

And these are unofficial ones, including just great ideas that people have suggested but not fleshed out:

Into the Spider-Verse

Everyone is Spider-Man. But everyone is using a completely different playbook and thus a completely different interpretation of the character.

Masks Infinity Quest

Just something I'm noodling at for now, adapting the Apocalypse Sonata above back to the Infinity Stones from which it was derived.

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