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Athletics, Anthropology, Deceive, Empathy, Fauna, Fight, Flora, Notice, Physique, Provoke, Rapport, Second Sight, Stealth, Will


  • Scale -2: tarantula, minnow, mouse, scorpion
  • Scale -1: rat, squirrel, robin, frog, blackbird, bat
  • Scale 0: rabbit, weasel, skunk, house cat, hawk, crow, turtle, rattlesnake, duck
  • Scale +1: medium-sized dog, eagle, bobcat, great horned owl
  • Scale +2: cougar, human, pig, wolf
  • Scale +3: bear, alligator, horse, cow

Every negative shift gives the animal Weapon -1 and Armor -1; in other words, it inflicts less damage with and takes more damage from physical attacks.

Every positive shift increases the animal's Weapon and Armor values. An innate value of 0 becomes Scale; anything higher is multiplied by twice Scale. For example, a cougar (Scale +2) would normally have Weapon 1 (claws) and Armor 0; this becomes Weapon 4 and Armor 2 from a rabbit's perspective.


  • Canine: bear, coyote, dog, fox, wolf, etc.
  • Feline: bobcat, cougar, house cat, lynx, etc.
  • Herptile: all reptiles and amphibians.
  • High Avian: crow, eagle, falcon, hawk, owl, robin, sparrow, vulture, etc.
  • Hooved: boar, cow, deer, donkey, goat, horse, pig, sheep, etc.
  • Insectivore: armadillo, bat, mole, opossum, shrew, etc.
  • Invertebrate: insects, slugs, spiders, worms, etc.
  • Low Avian (Ground and Water Fowl): duck, chicken, goose, gull, heron, pheasant, quail, turkey, etc.
  • Mustelid: badger, ferret, mongoose, raccoon, skunk, weasel, wolverine, etc.
  • Piscine: all fish.
  • Rodent: beaver, chipmunk, marmot, mouse, porcupine, rat, squirrel, woodchuck, etc.