Civ 6 Babylon

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This is just a list of potential tech tree combos for Babylon to use. Some are directly stolen from Potato McWhiskey. For all entries, read "build" as "build or capture."

  • Kill someone with a Slinger to unlock Archery
    • Build/upgrade to three Archers total to unlock Machinery
      • Upgrade two Archers to Crossbowmen to unlock Metal Casting
  • Farm a resource (Maize/Rice/Wheat) to unlock Irrigation
    • Build a Palgum (water mill) to unlock Construction
      • Build a Lumber Mill to unlock Mass Production
  • Kill three Barbarians to unlock Bronze Working
    • Build an Iron Mine to unlock both Iron Working and Wheel
  • Build three Mines to unlock Apprenticeship (best if one's an Iron Mine)
    • Build three Industrial Zones and then a Workshop in each to unlock Industrialization
      • Build Ruir Valley to unlock Flight
      • Build two Coal Power Plants to unlock Refining
        • Build an Oil Well to unlock Plastics
      • If you have two Lighthouses (below) and have unlocked Mass Production (above), build two Shipyards to unlock Steam Power
        • Build a Coal Mine and an Ironclad to unlock Steel
  • Found a coastal city to unlock Sailing (plus another coastal or lake city)
    • Improve two sea resources to unlock Celestial Navigation
      • Build two Harbors to unlock Cartography
        • You got one Lighthouse for free; build another and follow the chain above
  • Build a Quarry to unlock Masonry (and start planning an Encampment)
    • Build Ancient Walls to unlock Engineering
      • Build an Aqueduct to unlock Military Engineering
        • Build an Armory to unlock Gunpowder
          • Build/upgrade to three Musketmen to unlock Replaceable Parts

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Build the Great Library (Recorded History, Classical civic) to get free techs all game.
  • If you encounter the City-State Nalanda, become their suzerain at least long enough to build one Mahavihara.

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